A New Endangered Species Listing for Yet Another Australian Animal

Exotic Animal Newsflash:

Tasmanian DevilFor those of you that have not yet heard, the Tasmanian Devil was put on the endangered species list last week due to an outbreak of cancer that is both deadly and disfiguring to the animals.

This particular cancer starts as a brain tumor and grows so large, encompassing the Tasmanian Devil’s face and mouth until it can no longer eat.

These animals seem to only last a few months, and the wild population has decreased by 60%. The Tasmanian Devil only lives in the southern island state of Tasmania in Australia.

By listing this creature as endangered, the Australian government should be able to secure more funds for it’s protection and research into this disease, which is a form of contagious cancer, transmitted from animal to animal through biting…

These little devils are so named due to their bad tempers, awful screeching, and dark color, not to mention their large lockjaw, which makes them especially frightening looking.

Healthy Tazzy Devils will be put into reserve at zoos, protected areas and wildlife reserves as an “insurance policy” to possibly rebuild and reestablish the wild population of the world’s largest marsupial carnivore.

To read the whole story, go to: Tasmanian devil to get endangered species listing


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6 Responses
  1. Guy McD says:

    That is so sad. Any time we lose another species we lose an opportunity for a better world. Biodiversity is soooo important. Imagine a world where you would only see domesticated animals. Even the so-called vermin has a place here.

    I think the more distressing thing is that this cancer is so fast-acting and fatal. What happens if it jumps species? What caused it? These are all serious questions.

  2. My new stumble friend, pantherviolet, says:

    “Yes, we are their protectors…”

    slantera says: “True…..”

    RavenRock says: “Very true!!”

    We are their only protectors…I agree!!!

    Kimberly Edwards :)

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  3. My good stumbling friend, Kilroy60, says:

    “The two species I’d like to see wiped off the map are bigots and racists. That would do us a whole lot of good.”

    LOL…That’s a good way to look @ it! LOL LOL LOL

    Kimberly Edwards :)

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  4. My stumble friend, WhiteBlossom, says:

    “Oh….. i so agree. Very interesting! Thanks for the send…”

    You are so very welcome!

    Kimberly :)

  5. My stumble friend, melchazidek, shares:

    “In 1795 there was over 2000 species of Apple Trees in America today their are only 25. The Pecos River here has had Fresh Drinkable water and edible fish in it for 1 million years. The river has been poisoned and all seven species of fish and all the muscled has died and the water is poison. All in the last (” SIX YEARS “) But don’t chase the squirrels that is illegal… :o|”

    What is this world coming to, when we think this is alright? We just keep on poisoning and polluting because no one can get through that ugly red tape and years of work to try and prove something needs to be protected!

    Kimberly Edwards :(

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  6. My good stumble friend, melchazidek, shares:

    “The Apostle Paul said. little Children – No you not that we do not wrestle against Flesh nor Blood but Rather; The very Principalities of Darkness in the Highest Of places. It is not in our control My Good Lady.”

    “Yeah and it is a lost cause for now. But Goodness Shall Persevere. And the EVIL Shall be cut down.”

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