Animals Have Feelings – You Can Be Sure of That!

To all of those “experts”, who say that animals don’t have feelings…I turn my nose up at you!

You really need to see this video before you make any more judgments!

(My good stumble friend, kelliannie, shared this video with me, and it brought tears to my eyes!)


A little background:
I realize this video has no sound, but it is certainly not even needed! This video is of a lion named Christian. Apparently, he was rescued by these two men, and then set free back into the wild. This is a reunion 1 year after his release.


This reunion is so touching, and truly goes to show that animals have feelings, memories and express love and thanksgiving!

I hope you truly enjoyed this post on Animal Behavior on Exotic Animal Lover! Until next time…

Live Exotically,

Kimberly Edwards :)

P.S. If only we could all be blessed enough to have an encounter of this magnitude with an animal of another species!

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  1. I was stumbled this beautiful story by my stumble friend, melchazidek, that is so fitting with this post:

    I love these stories…Animals have such a capacity for feeling, especially for love!

    Kimberly Edwards :)

    P.S. Add me as a friend on Stumble Upon:

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