Are You a Responsible Earthling?

Earth Poster PrintSo often we take for granted this planet we call Earth. What it provides us, not only in resources, but in beauty and enjoyment.

To me, our greatest asset is our bio-diversity of wildlife. One by one, these fantastic animal species are disappearing…extinct…never to be seen again.

What a shame! So, what in the world can you do?

Well, first of all, conserve your resources, such as energy, water and don’t waste your food. Live organically, not only with the food you consume, but with your cleaning products and the means in which you take care of your property, gardens and grass.

Use your car less, walk more. Save the baby robin you find in your back yard. Donate your time to clean up the environment or help out at a local wildlife refuge.

If nothing else, you can donate to help out the planet and it’s animals.

Yup, that’s right! I have always wanted to start an animal refuge of my own…If you would like to help me start my animal refuge, please Click Here!

Earth Hour was a huge, and many areas are participating in an Earth Hour every month or week.

I hope that this blog provides you with great information, inspiration, appreciation, and a spark to help save this planet and the animal species in it, one way or another.

This blog post was inspired by reading a blog post: A Blogger Should Be Responsible – Working For Earth


I hope you enjoyed this post! I hope you check out the page on our Exotic Animal Refuge! Until next time…

Live Exotically,

Kimberly Edwards :)

P.S. Let us know what your Green Initiatives are and how you are a Responsible Earthling by Commenting in the Comment Box Below.

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