Dark Sky Festival in Harmony, Florida

Have you heard of light pollution?

I’ve heard of sound pollution and pollution from garbage and things like that, but not light pollution before today!

Why is it considered Pollution?
When you live in a city like Dallas, for instance, how many stars do you see at night? NOT MANY at all!

In fact, I could probably count on 1 or 2 hands how many stars there are.

When we’re in Niagara Falls, there are a few more…

But when we’re “up north” in Ontario, somewhere like Port Franks, it seems like the sky is within arm’s reach! The stars are countless, they twinkle and the sky is as dark as tar…Amazing.

So, What’s the Point?
The point is that wildlife that functions at night absolutely needs that darkness. Animals get disorientated in light when it’s supposed to be dark outside – you know, “like a deer in headlights”.

Plus, the sheer amount of energy we use and byproducts emitted from the lights we have in use all night is bad for the environment and our planet.

The Dark Sky Festival will be in Harmony, Florida on April 25th from 6:00 – 11:00 pm with Free Admission and Free Parking!


What is the Dark Sky Festival?
It will be held outdoors in low-light conditions on the streets and sidewalks of the Town Square in Harmony. The festival is to expose the general public to the importance of dark skies for not only wildlife and astronomers, but for your own mental and physical health – go to find out why!

They will have an ambient space musician, different speakers illustrating the necessity of dark skies and how it affects your health and the community around you, plus numerous telescopes set up for people to star gaze, or just sit and enjoy the sky with your family!

The festival isn’t just for astronomers or people who enjoy stars. It’s to be able to appreciate the night sky, the way things are supposed to be!

Light pollution may seem like an insignificant thing compared to the other pollution we are encountering on our planet today, but it’s the easiest to solve!

You’ve heard about Earth Hour, which occurrs annually on March 25th – now, why not spread that in to everyday life?

Turn off unneccessary lights at night, change your outdoor lights to ones that reduce glare and be sure your lights are aimed where you want them to shine – don’t waste half the light into the sky!

Our starry sky is a precious commodity! Enjoy it!


I hope you enjoyed this Environment post on Exotic Animal Lover! UntilĀ  next time…

Live Exotically,

Kimberly Edwards :)

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