Brand New Species of Deep Sea Worms – The Green Bombers

Exotic Animal Newsflash:

Seven brand new species of deep ocean worms were discovered that actually cast green glowing body parts when they’re disturbed or attacked.

The team was led by Karen Osborn of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography at the University of California, San Diego.

Thought to be used as a defense mechanism to confuse predators, which are unknown as of yet, theĀ  appendages glow green when they’re cast by the worm, and they will actually continue to be “let go” as they’re more and more disturbed.

It’s hypothesized that fish would be their predators as is the case with other swimming worms.

Living between 5900 – 12000 feet below sea level, these species are difficult to find only because it’s difficult to get to. These worms were, then, discovered by remotely operated submarines.

In fact, the worms seem to be very plentiful, often numbering in the hundreds when seen. So, they’re no a rarity deep below the ocean in the northeast and western Pacific Ocean.

They’re thought to have evolved from worms that burrow into the sea floor at deep places in our Earth’s oceans, who also have a bioluminescing attribute.

Their new scientific name is Swima bombiviridis.

Makes you wonder what else is lurking in the great, wide and deep oceans of our planet!

For more information on this discovery and a photo, go to: New species of worms release ‘bombs’


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P.S. For more information about bioluminescence, check out this awesome book about our strange friends in the oceans:

The Winking, Blinking Sea: All About Bioluminescence The Winking, Blinking Sea: All About Bioluminescence

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