Animals Are Scared of Us – Isn’t That Sad?

Green Folk Bunny Framed Art Print by Lisa Hilliker Print Size 16 x 8in. Image Size 16 x 8 in. Frame Size 22.75 x 14.75 in. Quality Black Metal Frame With A SingHave you ever thought about how frightened your neighborhood birds are of you, a deer, a rabbit or virtually any other animal out there.

As soon as they see you, they dart for cover…

You may not have thought anything of it because we’re so used to it.

This wasn’t always the case, you know…

Art Poster Print Noah's Ark Animal Kingdom By Edward Hicks Print Size 26.75 x 29 inches. Image Size 26.75 x 29 inches.When Adam named the animals in the Garden of Eden, he could communicate and speak with them. Everyone got along together in perfect harmony. Imagine that…

Imagine a world where a wolf would just walk up to you as though you were it’s friend. How amazing would that be?

This issue struck me the other day when I read and wrote about the new discovery of a bunch of new species in Papua New Guinea – who may have never seen a human before.

The animals were coming down from the trees – one even sat on a researcher’s shoulder. A new species of woolly rat came right up to the humans with no fear at all.

Why do animals fear us? Well, why wouldn’t they – for the most part, we’re either hunting them, trying to get rid of them, capturing them to be in captivity or destroying their habitats.

No doubt, the animal parents teach their babies to fear us – we are killers, captors and destroyers.

The animal kingdom often sees us as bad creatures they would much rather steer clear of.

What a sad state of affairs. Let’s try to change that! We need to try to regain their trust on a whole…We are their keepers, in essence.

I wonder what goes through their minds when they see us…I’m sure it would be eye opening, heart wrenching and saddening for most of us here on the planet.

Treat the animals you see well…They were made by the same Amazing God we were. Treat them as such!


I hope you enjoyed this Animal Behavior Info on Exotic Animal Lover! Until next time…

Live Exotically,

Kimberly Edwards :)

P.S. For more information on the way God intended our world to be, check out the book of Genesis in the Bible:

The Bible: Genesis : King James Version The Bible: Genesis : King James Version

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