Bigfoot Sighting in Kentucky on Film

Exotic Animal Newsflash:

A Kentucky man, Kenny Mahoney, has a motion sensor hunting camera in his backyard, which often picks up images of rabbits, turkeys and deer.

What he found was an unidentified mysterious animal (UMA) on the photo raiding his garden. Check out this video:

Skeptical that it could be bigfoot, but unable to rule it out completely, the investigation moves on in the woods of Kentucky for bigfoot.

They say the figure looked to be six feet tall and had black fur, but they can’t be certain it wasn’t a bear, although it didn’t appear to be one. The form looks like it has a gorilla like head and shoulders with it’s arms crossed.

What do you think it was mulling around his back garden? Let us know by leaving a comment below…

* For more information, check out: Kentucky man says photo might show Bigfoot raiding his garden


I hope you enjoyed this Unidentified Mysterious Animal Sighting on Exotic Animal Lover! Until next time…

Live Exotically,

Kimberly Edwards :)

P.S. For more information on the history of Bigfoot, check out this really great DVD:

History's Mysteries Bigfoot And Others Monsters History’s Mysteries Bigfoot And Others Monsters

Rated: NA Synopsis: The mermaid, Abominable Snowman, giant squid, and dragons are all parts of myths and mysteries. But are some real? The Komodo Dragon was merely the stuff of local legend–until the dinosaur-like, very real giant reptile with an orange

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4 Responses
  1. fudgecakesometime17 says:

    well, i do belive in big foot but im sure u really didnt see big foot u probably saw something else.

  2. fudgecakesometime17 says:

    you’re probably exaggerating

  3. Kimberly says:

    Hi There…I didn’t see the bigfoot – this was a video of someone who thought they had…

    Kimberly :)

  4. Kimberly says:

    Hope you checked out the video again – I’m just bringing news to you.

    Kimberly :)

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