A Few More Days to Participate in Adopt-a-Rescued-Guinea Pig Month

Guinea Pig - guineapigcare.com.auExotic Animal News:

The month of March is Adopt-a-Rescued-Guinea-Pig Month.

As often as possible, it’s important we scoop up the pets that need homes from rescues.

Not everyone has the ability or patience to work with a “damaged” pet to rehabilitate it or bring it out of it’s shell, but in the instances where a person can do so, most animal enthusiasts will agree to encourage this person.

I, myself, haven’t seen a guinea pig rescues out there, but that would be because I haven’t actually searched for one, but when I searched today on Google, there were 226,000 results for “guinea pig rescue.”

I wanted to bring this to everyone’s attention, and hopefully, some of you out there will resort to a rescue situation when debating the adoption of a guinea pig.

Did you know that the domestication of the common guinea pig was back as far as 5000 BC?  Unfortunately, it was for a food source, but that’s what started it all.

Did you also know that the Capybara of South America is a much larger cousin of the guinea pig, weighing in at up to 140 lbs as an adult?

My favorite guinea pigs are the long-haired variety.


I hope you enjoyed this excerpt of Animal News! Until next time…

Live Exotically,

Kimberly Edwards

photo: guineapigcare.com.au

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2 Responses
  1. Lindsay says:

    I used to have guinea pigs and they’re such great pets. I’d love to have one again someday and will look to shelters and rescues first. I also really want a capybara!

  2. Kimberly says:

    Capybara are very cute, indeed…they are so enormous for a rodent… I have never had a guinea pig for a pet, but I’m sure they are very sweet. :)

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