A Personal Look at Global Warming in Ontario, Canada

Today is January 12th, 2012. I live in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, and was thinking about how mild and more pleasant our weather is than usual in Januaries of the past.

Yes, it is only a few degrees above freezing, and many of you scoff at that idea because it’s unthinkable to you being from more Southern states or tropical countries, but a few degrees above freezing is mild for this time of year.

I was reminiscing with my mother today about how much snow we used to have when I was a child, especially on Christmas vacation. There were truckloads of snow, so much so that we would make igloos in the backyard, many of the kids in the neighborhood had skating rinks maintained by their devoted parents, and we would make snow angels and snow forts for hours.

It seems snowball fights are a thing of the past and have been in more recent years.

Not that I am complaining about the mild weather for my comfort, and not having to shovel it for hours and hours, only to have it filled in by the time your complete to the end of the driveway. However, I do understand completely why it’s so difficult for polar animals to survive when our planet is warming.

Polar bears are unable to get out onto the ice sheets to hunt over winter months, which is much needed for their survival and their cubs’ survival. All too often, the ice isn’t thick enough for them to travel the kilometers out to sea to acquire their staple food, seals. As well, the ice sheets break or dissolve, leaving them stranded at sea with or without their cubs.

It’s a dire state of things on our planet, and this is just a tiny slice of what’s really going on in response to global warming.

What on earth can we do? What on earth will we do about it?

What are your thoughts?


I hope you enjoyed this post on the Environment on Exotic Animal Lover! Until next time…

Live Exotically!

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