Baltimore Orioles Smiling on Niagara Region

Baltimore Oriole - photo by Bonnie Harris - ExoticAnimalLover.comAnimal News Flash, Ontario (CANADA):

Maybe you have seen a Baltimore Oriole in the Niagara Region of Ontario, Canada…

…It is more likely you have not seen one, as they are a more rare species of bird to see nowadays, unlike when I was a youngster growing up here, for many probable reasons. However, this bird is not considered to be endangered or threatened.

A talented photography friend of mine, Bonnie Harris, captured this marvelously vivid shot of a Baltimore Oriole right here in Southern Ontario, and I wanted to share this beautiful picture with you.

Of course, you may have gathered that the Baltimore Oriole has a home range in Baltimore, Maryland. Well, it is, in fact, Maryland’s State bird.

You may not have known that we also have the Baltimore Oriole smiling down upon us here in Ontario, Canada too.

This oriole looks like it’s in a fruit tree that was blossoming, and this is typical of this species of bird in recent times, being found in more rural farmlands like orchards, which we have an abundance of in the Niagara region.

These orioles typically live all the way down to Georgia throughout the American summer, and have been known to migrate to Mexico and as far south as northern South America.


I hope you enjoy this Canadian Animal post on Exotic Animal Lover. Until next time…

Live Exotically!

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