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March is Dolphin Awareness Month

Exotic Animal Newsflash: The month of March is a month to celebrate and raise awareness of dolphins globally. They are extremely intelligent creatures with bubbly personalities. They are mammals, and are closely related to, but are not themselves, whales or porpoises. There are so many species of dolphin in our oceans that they are too numerous to name here, but there are a few that I will mention that are commonly misnamed as whales, but are actually dolphins in their own right. These include the “killer whales” (or orca), pilot whales, and the melon-headed whale. Very interesting indeed. So varied and marvelous they are, there is [ ... ]

Outraged at Ignorant People Who Are Blind to See the Destruction

I have a rant today… The Reason? I joined a group on Facebook today called “Stop the Massacre of Dolphins & Whales”. If you go there, you’ll see a photo of a whale, bloodied, being pulled out of the ocean, upside down up to a large ship (shown here to the right). You’ll also see a great write-up about the massacre. It’s disturbing because we really don’t need to harvest them for anything!!! I left a comment on the group page, @ 1:41 pm today, that said: “This is so very horrendous to have to look at…even more horrendous that it is actually happening… It’s not a [ ... ]

Swimming with Minke Whales of the Outer Great Barrier Reef

I am so fascinated and taking notes on what types of dives I’d love to take part in when we take our trip to the Great Barrier Reef… …And diving with Minke Whales is near the top of that list! I found this video of Tim & Sharon’s diving adventure in July of 2007! Thanks for the video: My skin is crawling with excitement…I have goosebumps and flutters in my tummy! This is what

Killer Whales Spotted in the Gulf of Mexico

I just saw this fabulous video on one of my Stumble Upon friends’ sites, Pensacola Mortgage Solutions, and he posted a video that I have to share with you! This is a video taken from chartered fishing boat out for tuna 60 miles South of Orange Beach, AL from WKRG’s news info: Apparently, there’s been 17

Red Tide Algae Kills Marine Animals on St. Lawrence Seaway System

Exotic Animal Newsflash: I watched on TV tonight that the deadly “Red Tide” algae is toxic and killing animals of all sorts in the St. Lawrence River system in Canada. Belugas, birds, porpoises, fish, mollusks…you name it, it’s affected. It moves up the food chain, and in the case of whales, like belugas, they feel it affects their brain and makes them slower and confused, making them more likely to collide with boats. The red tide algae are common in this area, but usually wash away by this point of the year, whereas this year, it is lingering too long! Why? Well, it is believed that [ ... ]

The World’s Largest Animal Ever

It is so amazing to me that of any animal that is living, or has ever lived on earth before, we are still graced with it’s presence in our lifetime! The Blue Whale is the largest animal EVER! It is even larger than any of the dinosaurs…That’s amazing! Check out this amazing short video of the Blue Whale: Wow…What a fantastic creature! Truly wonderful to have them on the planet with us! Scientific Classification: Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Mammalia Order: Cetacea Suborder: Mysticeti Family: Balaenopteridae Genus: Balaenoptera Species: B. musculus There are 3 known subspecies: 1. B. m. musculus of the north Atlantic and north Pacific 2. B. m. intermedia of the [ ... ]

Live Feed of Beluga Whales @ Vancouver Aquarium

Whenever you have a Beluga Whale craving, like I often do, check out this great website I just found when Stumbling some sites (add me as a friend if you like on Stumble Upon). It’s a Live Feed of the Vancouver Aquarium’s Beluga Whales…Amazing and beautiful! This is the link: Live Webcam @ Vancouver Aquarium of Beluga Whales View these majestic and highly vulnerable creatures, leave a comment and rate the feed! Have fun…Have a Beluga Break! Scientific Classification: Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Mammalia Order: Cetacea Family: Monodontidae Genus: Delphinapterus Species: D. leucas Conservation Status: The Beluga Whale is a Vulnerable species… I hope you enjoy this live feed brought [ ... ]

Global Warming Is Killing Arctic Whales

How you ask? Check out this article to find out! Scientific Classification: Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Mammalia Infraclass: Eutheria Superorder: Laurasiatheria Order: Cetacea Photo above: Narwhals *** How Does Global Warming Affect Arctic Whales? By Sylvie Leochko Global warming affects negatively the environment and everything in it. There are more than just humans that are affected by it. In fact, such a negative process has been hasted by the human race through pollution. While the Earth is trying its best to cool out its environment by using its natural resources such as volcanic eruptions, it cannot seem to be able to be as effective as needed. Several species are affected [ ... ]