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Awesome Gorilla Commercial

What’s better than a commercial with gorillas in it? Not much…LOL… Check this one out: I know…maybe it’s not

Adopting a Pharaoh Hound: An Exotic Dog

If you’re looking for a more unusual common pet, then you’ll want to look for more “exotic” breeds of dogs, cats, birds or fish. The Pharaoh Hound is a great example of an exotic breed of dog that is domesticated and a fabulous pet and part of the family. Pharaoh Hound History and origin: The Pharaoh Hound is an ancient breed of hound, going back to the Phoenician empire. They took these hounds with them when they set up residence at Malta and Gozo. They are medium sized and generally used for hunting by Egyptian nobility, they hunted everything from rabbits [ ... ]

Portuguese Man O’ War – Even on the Gold Coast of Australia

The Portuguese Man O’ War is found all over the world, including every warm water seas, but especially in tropical or subtropical regions of the Pacific and Indian oceans, as well as the Northern Atlantic Gulf Stream. What’s very interesting about the man o’ war is that it’s not just 1 animal. It’s actually 4 different animals with different abilities and disabilities, which makes each part of the man 0′ war absolutely dependent upon the others. They like to hang out at the surface of the ocean, due to the air-filled sac or air bladder that they use as a sail and to [ ... ]

Dugongs Are an Extremely Vulnerable Species

Dugongs are large marine mammals in the same order as manatees, and are often called “sea cows” as a nickname. The majority of them live in Northern Australian waters… I’ve had the amazing opportunity to see them out in the wild in Shark Bay off of Western Australia. Fantastic creatures! What an awesome blessing! (I know the video below is of dugongs in Shark Bay, but it will still tell you a lot about them and how they live…) Dugong bodies are fusiform, which means they are wide in the middle and taper off at both ends. Their

Have You Seen a Sawfish?

Scientific Classification: Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Chondrichthyes Subclass: Elasmobranchii Superorder: Batoidea Order: Pristiformes Family: Pristidae Genera: Anoxypristis, Pristis Species: There are 7 species in the 2 Genera Sawfish are in the ray family and are known by their long, saw-like snout. They are often called “Sharks with Swords”. Actually, the “teeth” on their snout aren’t really teeth at all…LOL Know what else is special about that snout? It is electro- and motion sensitive with tiny pores that detect the slightest variations, so it allows the sawfish to hover over the ocean or riverbed floor and detect their prey’s heart-beats below the sand or mud. Very handy! Not to mention, they are [ ... ]

Bring the Exotic Home with an Abyssinian Cat

The Abyssinian cat is an Egyptian breed, whose build is in between that of the typical American short-haired and the Siamese, but still on the fine-boned side, with a long tail tapering to a point. Abyssinian Cats have almond shaped eyes, but with colors such as green, gold, copper or hazel. Large ears standing at alert are typical, and cats that are shown have large tufts of hair at the tips. Their coat is bright and short, silky and dense, owing similar markings to that of the African wild cat. Colors include reddish brown or “ruddy”, cream, red, blue and fawn in [ ... ]

No Response to My Petcetera Complaint Letter

On October 28th, 2008, I sent a complaint letter to Petcetera and have since received absolutely NO response to it! Check it out here: “I’d like to comment about my “service” today at the N*&^%$# F@#$% [my city] location of Petcetera, of which I am a very loyal customer, that was inexcusable. (I have 5 dogs, 1 hedgehog (from a competitor’s store), 4 goldfish and 1 pleco – which I purchased at this Petcetera, and the aquarium). Honestly, I’m in the store a few times per week and almost always make a purchase upon visiting the store. Last night, I went into the [ ... ]

European Eel Numbers Plummeted by 90%

Scientific Classification: Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Actinopterygii Order: Anguilliformes Family: Anguillidae Genus: Anguilla Species: A. anguilla European Eels are a snake-like fish that’s usually between 1-1.5 meters in length. They partake in a 3-year long migration, originally spawning in the Saragasso sea then heading towards Europe. By the time they enter estuaries in Europe, they are considered to be “glass eels”, I suppose because they are see-thru mostly. When they enter those freshwater estuaries and river systems, they undergo a

Coral is an Animal!

That’s what I said…It’s not a plant or a fungus… It’s a living, breathing animal, and it is precious! In fact, it is often called precious coral when it is red or pink in coloration. The coral that is of red or pink “skeleton” is often used in jewelry making and sculpted art. It is soft and opaque making it ideal to use as beads or cabochon-type settings. In fact, the coral is the word used to describe the color of the coral too… It is mostly made up of

Hedgehog Treats Galore!

My hedgehog loves treats! I feed her 2 different staple foods, and then supplement her diet with different fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds. Sometimes, I consider those supplements as treats, but when I really want to treat her, and give her some great nutrition while I’m at it, I give her meal worms and crickets. I know, I know…For many of you, that sounds disgusting, but she LOVES them! Mind you, they are not alive and you don’t have to touch them…just shake a few into the bowl! I don’t keep Kokonut in a closed cage or aquarium, so live crickets are out of the [ ... ]