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Polar Bears Mostly Extinct by 2050

Exotic Animal Newsflash: It has been reported that we the polar bear could be mostly extinct by the year 2050. That means that 2/3 of the entire polar bear population, roughly 1600 bears, could be dead if sea ice melting predictions are accurate. However, it could be the case that the sea ice is even melting faster than computer models are predicting. It is thought that a few may survive on Canadian Arctic islands off the west coast of Greenland by 2100, but this is very bleak! These reports are being used to determine if the polar bear should be [ ... ]

Penguin Papparazzi

Have you seen the movie, “March of the Penguins“? What a fabulous movie. The penguin life is documented over a 1 yr period, and it will open up your eyes on what these little guys and gals have to go through, just to survive! Awesome! I found this wonderful article to expose the penguin life for you! Enjoy! *** Penguins – An Overview By P Anderson The popularity of penguins is at an all-time high. It is in large part due to the hit movie The March of the Penguins, that such interest in penguins has been raised recently. Until this [ ... ]