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Goldfish of a Different Color – Calico Ryukin

Introducing our new fish, Kalico! Yes, it starts with a “K” because both Kenney’s & my name start with a “K”. We’re cheesy like that! Photo left: That’s Kalico and Kalypso in the background! He, at least he looks like a he, is a Calico colored Ryukin…not your average goldfish, that’s for sure! Isn’t he beautiful? Kalico is about 3″ long, not including his beautiful fan tail! He is extremely responsive to me, and comes to the glass to see me whenever I come close by. What a sweetheart. In fact, that’s how I

Aggressive Fish Need Friends Too…

Kalypso, my Diva red capped oranda goldfish, is slightly aggressive. I initially had a calico telescope goldfish, named Klyde, and he was beautiful, sweet and very responsive. So, I felt he needed a friend. Therefore, I marched myself into the pet store and chose a beautiful fish, that looked like a girl, that could be Klyde’s girlfriend. Within 5 minutes of being in the bowl with Klyde, Kalypso started nipping his tail. Not good…She took quite a chunk, and I had to quickly remove Klyde to his own tank again. Actually, Klyde went downhill from that point on…He got ick and cotton on him…He [ ... ]

Kalypso – My Diva Red Cap Oranda Goldfish

My fish is a Diva! I’m not kidding either… Let me tell you a story about what just happened in the past few days… It has been an extremely busy week, and I didn’t feel like cleaning out Kalypso’s 10 gallon fish bowl. She has 2 filters with bubbles and a floaty fish toy that she loves snuggling and pushing around the bowl. Kalypso has grown quite a bit in size since I got her in the spring. I’d say she’s more than doubled in size. So, I got this new 10 gallon bowl just for her as an upgrade from her 5 gallon [ ... ]

Furry Arrival of Twin Red Pandas

Exotic Animal Newsflash: Ahhh…My favorite species of animal is the Red Panda… Unfortunately, they are extremely endangered. However, thankfully, there are a number of breeding programs in the world that are doing their best to ensure the survival of this species. Edmonton’s Valley Zoo just had the 2nd arrival of twin baby red pandas! Yeahhh!!! They were born May 26th in captivity, and were named Tai (female) and Pip (male). The babies are no longer with their mother, as she began to groom one of the babies too aggressively, but are in great hands with surrogate, human caretakers. At this point, their eyes are still [ ... ]

Dried Goji Berries & Goji Juice for your Exotic Pets?

Now, I know you must have heard about all the fuss about all the amazing benefits of Goji Juice and Goji berries are for you and that it is considered a “Super Fruit”! What people don’t often realize is that what’s good for the goose, is good for the gander. Usually, if there is something that is really good and healthy for you, it probably is for your pets too…Of course, contact your vet first before giving your pet anything that is not “normal”. Do some research first. If you have an Asian exotic animal as a pet, chances are likely [ ... ]

Most Endangered Large Mammal on Planet Amazingly Caught on Camera

Exotic Animal Newsflash: Remote infra-red wildlife camera traps caught footage of the world’s most rare rhinoceros in the Ujung Kulon National Park in the jungles of Java Island in Indonesia. The first of any footage collected in 5 years of the Javan rhinoceros, a mother and her calf were caught unawares by this “eye in the jungle”, but the mother did not like the looks of the camera and charged it, and head-butted the camera, knocking it down causing any more footage to disappear. However, the camera was retrieved with the great night-time footage that ensued prior to the “TKO”, which will be [ ... ]

What in the World is a Pangolin?

I had never even heard of a Pangolin until this post was requested by one of our readers, Kenney…Thanks! Well, it’s a mammal and is often called a scaly anteater with hardened plates made of keratin that look like scales, and are razor sharp for an extra armored effect. They come from Africa and Asia. Photo left: A pangolin invading a termite mound for food They are nocturnal and use their amazing sense of smell to find insects to eat. Their tongues are elongated and also extend into their stomach so they can snag insects from tight places. They don’t have teeth and [ ... ]

Very Cool Video on Super Elusive Frilled Shark You’ve Probably Never Set Eyes On Before!

Check out this really neat video I just found while “stumbling” around online! It’s a Frilled Shark and they are usually very deep sea creatures, but a fortunate video team captured this one on film! Enjoy the video below! Scientific Classification: Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Chondrichthyes Subclass: Elasmobranchii Order: Hexanchiformes, proposed Clamydoselachiformes Family: Chlamydoselachidae Genus: Chlamydoselachus Species: C. anguineus *** Enjoy this really amazing video…

Don’t Get Caught in the Easter Bunny Trap!

Bunnies and Easter just go together!!! What’s cuter than seeing a child with a bunny? Just don’t fall into the trap of buying a bunny for your toddler or child at Easter time, when you are all “caught up in the moment”, just to have them lose interest and you having to take over the duties of care for your new furry friend. Or worse, be in need of an outlet to get rid of the rabbit after you realize you don’t have time for one… However, if you do have time and are willing, rabbits make wonderful, loving pets! They seem to [ ... ]

What’s The Story on the Silkworm?

Scientific Classification: Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Arthropoda Class: Insecta Order: Lepidoptera Family: Bombycidae Genus: Bombyx Species: B. mori I watched the movie “Silk” today with my mother, and it had me thinking about the Silkworm… No longer able to live in the wild due to it’s extreme natural selection for domestication, silkworms make silk…The cocoons they create from their salivary glands protects them during their pupal state. It is legend that the ancient empress Xi Ling-Shi discovered silk when one day she was drinking her tea under a tree when a cocoon fell into her cup. She fished it out and the silk started to unravel out of the cocoon. [ ... ]