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Baltimore Orioles Smiling on Niagara Region

Animal News Flash, Ontario (CANADA): Maybe you have seen a Baltimore Oriole in the Niagara Region of Ontario, Canada… …It is more likely you have not seen one, as they are a more rare species of bird to see nowadays, unlike when I was a youngster growing up here, for many probable reasons. However, this bird is not considered to be endangered or threatened. A talented photography friend of mine, Bonnie Harris, captured this marvelously vivid shot of a Baltimore Oriole right here in Southern Ontario, and I wanted to share this beautiful picture with you. Of course, you may have gathered that the [ ... ]

What is the Velvet on Animal Antlers For?

If you’ve ever seen a deer, moose or caribou with antlers in person, then you know that they have this fuzzy hair on them when they are growing that looks like velvet. In fact, that’s what “they” call it…velvet. Photo right: Bonnie Harris It’s highly vascular skin that provides the antlers, because of the blood supply, oxygen and essential nutrients they need to grow large and strong. Antlers are used as weapons in the animal world, as well as attracting a mate by showing off their impressive rack of antlers to the ladies. Almost all of these types of animals grows a brand new rack [ ... ]

Robins Protecting Dead Bird

It is unfortunate that a bird died hitting one of our windows of our home the other day, and fell beneath a tree. Every time I walked outside, there were 3 or 4 robins surrounding this particular bird under the tree that had died. We are in Ontario, Canada. They were literally protecting it from squirrels, cats and other birds that were trying to check it out. I thought it might just be my imagination, but throughout the remainder of the day, they continued to do the exact same thing, as though they were protecting its lifeless corpse. Maybe this was an especially important [ ... ]

Cougar in Niagara Falls, Canada

A few months ago, I was coming home on a country road that leads to the suburbs in Niagara Falls. It was about 3:00am, pretty cold, and what do I see? A mountain lion (also called cougars or pumas) that had just crossed the road in front of me. It was on the left side of the road on the shoulder going into the brush. I happened to be on the phone with a friend and told them what was going on. The big cat just looked over it’s shoulder at me as I drove past it slowly. It was definitely a [ ... ]

Polar Bears Have Black Skin

I was watching a show on Animal Planet the other day and they had to do a hysterectomy on a polar bear. The intriguing thing about the surgery was that when they shaved her fur to prepare her, her skin was completely black. This makes complete sense and is an amazing adaptation for these bears. Why? Because their black skin absorbs heat from the sun. Their fur isn’t actually white…it’s clear – this allows the sunlight to penetrate their thick coats and allow their black skin to absorb this heat! Huh! Who knew? Nature is such a marvelously designed thing! There is a reason for every [ ... ]

Playing Opossum in Dallas: Saving Our Wildlife

It’s 12:45 am in Dallas, Texas right now… I just took our kitchen garbage out to the trash can and noticed one of our neighborhood stray dogs laying in the middle of the street. As I focused in and started approaching, I noticed that it was sitting next to another animal, also in the middle of the street…I thought it could have been a run over cat or something like that… …As I came upon the dog, I took a look at what kind of animal was laying there and lo and behold, it was the opossum I’ve been noticing walking through the [ ... ]

A Muskrat in our Yard

Last night, I had let 4 of our pooches outside for their last “outside time” before bed. All of  a sudden, I heard them barking out of control. It wasn’t the usual “far off” bark when they see a cat in another yard… It was of imminent danger and upset! I ran outside to see them encircling this poor little animal behind a flower pot. I quickly scolded them enough to get them into the house. I realize they were just protecting our yard, but I wanted to save this poor, little soul. Isn’t he cute? Well, I believe he’s a muskrat and this photo doesn’t do [ ... ]

A Canadian Lynx as an Indoor Pet?

I just found out that one of my newest friends, Dani, had a Canadian Lynx as a pet…Not only that, it was an indoor cat! I asked her to fill us in on having a Canadian Lynx as a pet. This is her account: Firstly, his name was Snaggletooth, and I rescued him from a breeder in Iowa. I found his information online and called him to find out more about owning a lynx. I had always thought how wonderful it would be to own a big exotic cat. I went with a lynx because he would mature around 65lbs., which is equal [ ... ]

Red Tide Algae Kills Marine Animals on St. Lawrence Seaway System

Exotic Animal Newsflash: I watched on TV tonight that the deadly “Red Tide” algae is toxic and killing animals of all sorts in the St. Lawrence River system in Canada. Belugas, birds, porpoises, fish, mollusks…you name it, it’s affected. It moves up the food chain, and in the case of whales, like belugas, they feel it affects their brain and makes them slower and confused, making them more likely to collide with boats. The red tide algae are common in this area, but usually wash away by this point of the year, whereas this year, it is lingering too long! Why? Well, it is believed that [ ... ]

Happy Canada Day to all of my Exotic Animal Lovers!

To All of My Fellow Canadians: Have a Safe and Super Canada Day! Just wanted to keep those Canadian animals in the forefront of your mind today too…Check them out by clicking on that link! I hope everyone will get to enjoy some R&R and the Fireworks tonight! Maybe some of you have hit up your local carnivals…If you’re from my area, you’ll no doubt be in Port Dalhousie tonight! Either way…Have fun!!! *** Did you know that Canada Day was originally named Dominion Day? I bet you didn’t…LOL… I hope you enjoyed this Canadian Animal post from Exotic Animal Lover! Until next time… Live Exotically, Kimberly Edwards [ ... ]