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Baltimore Orioles Smiling on Niagara Region

Animal News Flash, Ontario (CANADA): Maybe you have seen a Baltimore Oriole in the Niagara Region of Ontario, Canada… …It is more likely you have not seen one, as they are a more rare species of bird to see nowadays, unlike when I was a youngster growing up here, for many probable reasons. However, this bird is not considered to be endangered or threatened. A talented photography friend of mine, Bonnie Harris, captured this marvelously vivid shot of a Baltimore Oriole right here in Southern Ontario, and I wanted to share this beautiful picture with you. Of course, you may have gathered that the [ ... ]

What Bat Species are in Texas, USA?

A few years ago, I posted an article about Bats in Dallas. Recently, I’ve received a ton of comments on this post from amazing people out there noticing what I wrote about… …Those erratic “birds” flying at night, which aren’t really birds at all. They are bats! Now, one of the comments asked me what types of species of bats are found in Dallas. Now, although I couldn’t find an exact list of those specific to Dallas, I’ve found a list of bat species that exist in Texas, and more than likely, in Dallas too! In Texas, there are 32 species of bats that [ ... ]

What is the Velvet on Animal Antlers For?

If you’ve ever seen a deer, moose or caribou with antlers in person, then you know that they have this fuzzy hair on them when they are growing that looks like velvet. In fact, that’s what “they” call it…velvet. Photo right: Bonnie Harris It’s highly vascular skin that provides the antlers, because of the blood supply, oxygen and essential nutrients they need to grow large and strong. Antlers are used as weapons in the animal world, as well as attracting a mate by showing off their impressive rack of antlers to the ladies. Almost all of these types of animals grows a brand new rack [ ... ]

Congress Lifts Protection of Gray Wolf, Seen as Precedent?

USA (EXOTIC ANIMAL NEWS) – Sad news comes to the animal lovers out there, who are concerned about the world’s populations of endangered animals. 66 wolves were initially re-introduced to the Northern Rocky Mountains from Canada back in the middle of the 1990s. Today, there are approximately 1650 in the population. The issue is that the White House is ready to accept a budgetary bill including an unprecedented lifting of the Endangered Species Act protections for gray wolves in five US Western states, which has been a law in effect for 37 years, and it being the 1st time Congress has approached [ ... ]

Playing Opossum in Dallas: Saving Our Wildlife

It’s 12:45 am in Dallas, Texas right now… I just took our kitchen garbage out to the trash can and noticed one of our neighborhood stray dogs laying in the middle of the street. As I focused in and started approaching, I noticed that it was sitting next to another animal, also in the middle of the street…I thought it could have been a run over cat or something like that… …As I came upon the dog, I took a look at what kind of animal was laying there and lo and behold, it was the opossum I’ve been noticing walking through the [ ... ]

Cockroaches 5 Inches Long in Texas

They’re called water bugs or Palmetto bugs, but they’re actually American cockroaches and they’re huge. They can fly, they run fast and will even come back to life on you after they’ve been smashed. When we lived in Louisiana, they were a real problem especially when it rained or got cold as they’d find any tiny hole to get into your home. We actually set mouse traps for them and they worked! They’re so large, you can hear them shuffling around in cupboards and on tile floors, even though we keep everything really spic and span. Tonight, we just got rid of our 4th [ ... ]

Bigfoot Sighting in Kentucky on Film

Exotic Animal Newsflash: A Kentucky man, Kenny Mahoney, has a motion sensor hunting camera in his backyard, which often picks up images of rabbits, turkeys and deer. What he found was an unidentified mysterious animal (UMA) on the photo raiding his garden. Check out this video: Skeptical that it could be bigfoot, but unable to rule it out completely, the investigation moves on in the woods of Kentucky for bigfoot. They say the figure looked to be six

Ladder-Backed Woodpecker Sighting in Dallas

Out of all the exotic animals I’ve ever seen, for the first time in my life, I saw a woodpecker in person. I’ve seen photos, heard them pecking, videos and know a bit about them, but have never seen one before. I’m from Canada, so I’m sure there are more varieties there, but here in Dallas, there was a tiny, black with white speckled woodpecker with a touch of red on it’s head. I’ve done my research online and found out that it’s a Ladder-Backed Woodpecker! I knew it was a woodpecker from it’s tuft of hair on the back of it’s head, it’s [ ... ]

Hanging Out with Squirrels in the Trees

One of the simple joys in my life is watching the squirrels in the trees play around the neighborhood. They do vex our crew of dogs at the house, but they’re so fun to watch at the same time. They chase each other, run up and down the trees, and they’re so busy with all of their chores, like cleaning themselves, watching out for predators like dogs and cats, and tending to their meals. Today, I took a look out of the window to see a squirrel actually lazing around in this midday Texas summer heat! I’ve never seen this before. He was just [ ... ]

Mock Chameleons in Texas

I have a little lizard friend that comes by my window and walks along the fence running the length of our home in Dallas. He’s a cute little guy – maybe 10 cm from nose to the end of his tail and is a khaki color. When he sees me looking through the window, he starts showing off by forcing this rounded fan-like piece of skin out from his throat area. It turns a beautiful bright, ruby red color surrounded by sunshine yellow. Now, I think he’s showing off to me. He’ll bob his head then thrust his beautiful fan out, walk a [ ... ]