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Basking Shark Mystery Migration Solved

Exotic Animal Newsflash: Scientists have finally discovered where the heck those basking sharks go during the winter months. Previously thought to be a cold water fish, this shark will migrate from New England in the Western Atlantic all the way down to the Bahamas! They even recorded one of the sharks they tracked hanging out for 1 month at the mouth of the Amazon River. Animals are just full of surprises, arent’ they? What was most intriguing about basking sharks is that no one has ever seen a baby or a pregnant female or a basking shark giving birth. They measure up to 35 m long [ ... ]

What in the World is a Kinkajou?

Scientific Classification: Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Mammal Order: Carnivora Family: Procyonidae Genus: Potos Species: P. flavus * There are also 7 subspecies of kinkajou. The Kinkajou is also known as the Honey Bear and is an arboreal animal native to Central and South America. They are not monkeys or ferrets…In fact, they are related to the raccoon, coati and ringtail to name a few. Kinkajous only weight between 4-7 lbs and have a long, curled tail, which is prehensile. This means that it can use it as a “limb” or 5th hand of sorts and can hang on to branches, etc with it. Although they have a

Harpy Eagle Near Threatened

Scientific Classification: Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Aves Order: Falconiformes or Accipitriformes Family: Accipitridae Genus: Harpia Species: H. harpyja The Harpy Eagle is a carnivorous raptor. In fact, it’s the largest and most powerful one found in the Americas. This eagle particular inhabits tropical lowland forests, where it stays in the upper canopy, presumably for a better viewpoint for prey. Males and females having the same coloration, they are slate black on the back and back of wings, and white underneath including their bellies. Their head is a pale gray color. Although the same in color, males are almost half the size of the female. They boast talons up to 5 inches long [ ... ]

What Is A Pleco?

A pleco fish is a bottom-feeding/algae-eating fish typically acquired for freshwater aquariums originally from South America. They are those “sucker fish”. Photo left: Trinidad (Common) Pleco Plecos prefer warmer water and are pretty self-sufficient. They eat the green algae in the tank and excess food off the bottom that the other fish can’t or don’t. They clean when you don’t want to. One of the girls at the pet store loved them, one hated them. Why? Well, the girl that loved them loved them for all the reasons I mentioned above plus they are laid back fish…They’ll find a small crevice or spot to hide during daylight and [ ... ]

Don’t Get Caught in the Easter Bunny Trap!

Bunnies and Easter just go together!!! What’s cuter than seeing a child with a bunny? Just don’t fall into the trap of buying a bunny for your toddler or child at Easter time, when you are all “caught up in the moment”, just to have them lose interest and you having to take over the duties of care for your new furry friend. Or worse, be in need of an outlet to get rid of the rabbit after you realize you don’t have time for one… However, if you do have time and are willing, rabbits make wonderful, loving pets! They seem to [ ... ]

Majestic Animals of the Amazonian Rainforest

Some of the most amazing animals with vivid coloration and patterns come from the Amazonian Rainforest… Many of the world’s most endangered animals also hail from the Amazon… *** Amazon Rainforest Animals by Lucien Oliveira Most of the world’s rainforests are located in Central and South America, West and Central Africa, and Southeast Asia. They are very wet areas near the equator that give true meaning to the expression “world of abundance”, an expression that reflects on the variety of rainforest animals. Brazil holds 30% of all tropical rainforests that remain on Earth, and they are represented by Amazonia. The Amazon rainforest animals are part [ ... ]

Thinking of Giving a Lovebird To Your Sweetie This Valentine’s Day?

Giving a Lovebird as a pet for Valentine’s Day sounds like a very sweet thing to do…but make sure you know what you are getting into and exactly the right bird for your situation, or your sweetheart’s situation… Birds are amazing companions when adopted thoughtfully… *** Parrots For Sale by Low Jeremy – It is clear some people want to have parrot as pet. If you are that person, you may be anxious about getting the finest one for your personal satisfaction, care and business. Parrots are for sale all around, and selling such pet is 100% different from selling home commodities. It will [ ... ]

Peregrine Falcons – Making A Comeback

The Peregrine Falcon is a bird that is close to the heart of many Niagarans… At Brock University in St. Catharines, Ontario, they have been running a breeding program for this dangerously endangered bird in this area… Scientific Classification: Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Aves Order: Falconiformes Family: Falconidae Genus: Falco Species: F. peregrinus Conservation Status: On a whole, the Peregrine Falcon is a species of least concern…However, in this area, their numbers have been slowly growing from an endangered state. *** Birds – The Peregrine Falcon by Michael Russell The peregrine falcon is the best known falcon and most widespread in the world. However if you travel to North Dakota, you won’t [ ... ]

Amazonian Anaconda

Anaconda are the largest snakes in the world!!! I have always wanted to travel the Amazon and see one in the wild… Scientific Classification: Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Reptilia Order: Squamata Suborder: Serpentes Family: Boidae Subfamily: Boinae Genus: Eunectes Species: 1. E. beniensis 2. E. deschauenseei 3. E. murinus 4. E. notaeus *** Anaconda Snakes Today- Updating News By Michael Gutemberg Anaconda snakes, for sure, conjures up an image of a gigantic, black, serpentine creature slithering in mud and constricting a hapless creature to death. You are not to be blamed for this. Instead, blame those numerous movie directors and novelists who, thanks to their imagination or lack of it, portrayed these docile creatures as vileness [ ... ]

Kisses, Hugs & Ladybugs

I just saw a little ladybug in my kitchen…in the middle of winter… So, I was so inspired to bring you an article on them… Scientific Classification: Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Arthropoda Class: Insecta Order: Coleoptera Superfamily: Cucujoidea Family: Coccinellidae Subfamilies: 1. Chilocorinae 2. Coccidulinae 3. Coccinellinae 4. Epilachninae 5. Scymininae 6. Sticholotidinae *** Ladybugs, Ladybugs, Come to My Garden By Lesley Dietschy Ladybugs, also called lady beetles or ladybirds, can be a gardener’s best friend. The ladybug’s bright coloring brings welcomed cheer to the garden, as well as helping with pest control. Since medieval times, ladybugs have been valued by farmers all over the world. Many believe that the ladybug was divinely sent to free crops of insect pests. [ ... ]