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Polar Bears Have Black Skin

I was watching a show on Animal Planet the other day and they had to do a hysterectomy on a polar bear. The intriguing thing about the surgery was that when they shaved her fur to prepare her, her skin was completely black. This makes complete sense and is an amazing adaptation for these bears. Why? Because their black skin absorbs heat from the sun. Their fur isn’t actually white…it’s clear – this allows the sunlight to penetrate their thick coats and allow their black skin to absorb this heat! Huh! Who knew? Nature is such a marvelously designed thing! There is a reason for every [ ... ]

Bigfoot Sighting in Kentucky on Film

Exotic Animal Newsflash: A Kentucky man, Kenny Mahoney, has a motion sensor hunting camera in his backyard, which often picks up images of rabbits, turkeys and deer. What he found was an unidentified mysterious animal (UMA) on the photo raiding his garden. Check out this video: Skeptical that it could be bigfoot, but unable to rule it out completely, the investigation moves on in the woods of Kentucky for bigfoot. They say the figure looked to be six

News of a Fanged Frog and Other New Species in Papua New Guinea

Exotic Animal Newsflash: Scientists from the United States, Great Britain and Papua New Guinea stumbled upon one of the greatest wildlife discoveries ever. They identified 40 new species of animal never before scientifically recorded in a 1 km deep volcanic crater on Mt. Bosavi in Papua New Guinea. Among these amazing finds were a species of fanged frog, possibly the largest rat species in the world (Bosavi woolly rat) that had absolutely no fear of humans, the Henamo grunter (a grunting fish that makes noises from it’s swim bladder), a new bat, 2 other fish species, and 15 other frog species. Animals of the [ ... ]

Whale Sharks in Australia

What do I know about sharks? Well, I know a little bit about sharks. I’ve swam with them, I’ve seen them, and I’ve surfed with them. Yeah, I know them a little bit! I traveled around Australia back in 1995 for a few months backpacking my way through the center of Aussie, hitting the Northern Territory and going West back down the coast all the way back to Perth, Western Australia. On my journey, I stopped in Exmouth, Western Australia where I had the amazing opportunity to swim with whale sharks out past the reef. A helicopter would relay the coordinates of the whale sharks [ ... ]

Global Warming is a Real and Imminent Danger

Alright people… …Let’s be real about things – GLOBAL WARMING is REAL!!! …And the consequences of global warming are REAL!!! Take a look around you and the happenings going on. Use your own common sense instead of listening to every political person that disputes this fact. It’s about money – They don’t want you to know it’s real. Why? Because it would cost businesses umpteen millions of dollars to change business practices to actually reduce emissions and other pollutants that contribute to this serious planetary issue. What’s more important? A wallet-full of money or our precious planet and it’s most precious inhabitants – including [ ... ]

Basking Shark Mystery Migration Solved

Exotic Animal Newsflash: Scientists have finally discovered where the heck those basking sharks go during the winter months. Previously thought to be a cold water fish, this shark will migrate from New England in the Western Atlantic all the way down to the Bahamas! They even recorded one of the sharks they tracked hanging out for 1 month at the mouth of the Amazon River. Animals are just full of surprises, arent’ they? What was most intriguing about basking sharks is that no one has ever seen a baby or a pregnant female or a basking shark giving birth. They measure up to 35 m long [ ... ]

This is Why I Want to Save Exotic Animals!

I was looking at some of our photos we have taken of animals over the years yesterday, and it hit me… …I wanted to cry that these animals may not be here when my children go to see them on their adventures… …They may never get to see them in their wildest state – in nature! For many of you who have been an fan for some time, you’ll remember this photo, as it was the photo used in the header for the last theme we used for the site. This is actually one of our own photos…but it sparked me… “This is Why [ ... ]

Please Stand Up To Save Sun Bears!

Have you ever heard about the plight of the sun bear, in particular, but some other species of bear as well? They are put in a cage where they cannot move, their bile is continually drained from their stomachs through a permanent wound for their entire lives. Often, each paw is harvested, while they are still alive, as a bear paw soup is ordered in many Asian restaurants. So, they have the wound in their tummy with their bile being drained, and their paws are cut off one by one as they suffer in their cage that they can’t even move in…Are you [ ... ]

Outraged at Ignorant People Who Are Blind to See the Destruction

I have a rant today… The Reason? I joined a group on Facebook today called “Stop the Massacre of Dolphins & Whales”. If you go there, you’ll see a photo of a whale, bloodied, being pulled out of the ocean, upside down up to a large ship (shown here to the right). You’ll also see a great write-up about the massacre. It’s disturbing because we really don’t need to harvest them for anything!!! I left a comment on the group page, @ 1:41 pm today, that said: “This is so very horrendous to have to look at…even more horrendous that it is actually happening… It’s not a [ ... ]

Cassowary of the Great Barrier Reef

A Cassowary is a flightless Australian bird, and is native to the tropical forests of New Guinea. It’s funny because Australia has another flightless bird, the emu, making it and the cassowary the 2nd and 3rd largest flightless birds in the world, behind Africa’s ostrich. Females are larger than males and are more vividly colored, and may reach up to 2 meters tall! That’s a big bird! Known to be a timid bird, it can inflict serious injury to human adults, and fatal injury to dogs and children. They have 3 toes and extremely sharp talons/claws. Check out this great, but short, video showing [ ... ]