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The Endangered Caledonian Forest in Scotland

If you’ve never heard of the Caledonian Forest, it’s time to listen up…LOL… Basically, the Caledonian Forest is like the “Rainforest” of Scotland. It used to cover 1.5 million hectares of the Scottish Highlands, and now, only about 1% of that remains in 35 isolated areas. This is devastating, not only to Scotland and it’s amazing wildlife, but to the world in general. We depend upon trees to survive… The species like beaver, tarpan, wild boar and the lynx are that inhabited these forests are gone. Photo left: Tarpan (wild horse), extinct since 1919 – This is the only known photo of a live [ ... ]

Species of Seal Officially Labeled Extinct Friday

Exotic Animal Newsflash: Firstly, I always hate bringing you this type of news, but it is so essential to know what is going on…IT IS REAL! The Caribbean Monk Seal, also known as the West Indian Monk Seal, was announced extinct officially on Friday, June 6th, 2008. Photo left: Caribbean Monk Seal – Click photo for larger view. This seal is the only species ever known to be native to the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico. Now extinct due to human activities, namely over-hunting, this seal has not been spotted for the past 5 years, even with an effort to try and save [ ... ]

Extinct Animal Becomes Alive Once More in a Mouse

Researchers in Australia have actually extracted DNA from the extinct Tasmanian Tiger, otherwise known as the Thylacine, and brought them back to life in a mouse’s genetic code. The Result: The DNA actually showed biological function in the mouse and sparks hopes that the Tasmanian tiger could one day be successfully cloned. One of the Tasmanian tiger’s genes is similar to that of the mouse’s genes for developing bones and cartilage. This study shows that an extinct animal’s genetic biodiversity may not be completely lost. Although they are not close to a total clone of the Tazzy tiger, it is a giant step towards [ ... ]