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A Personal Look at Global Warming in Ontario, Canada

Today is January 12th, 2012. I live in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, and was thinking about how mild and more pleasant our weather is than usual in Januaries of the past. Yes, it is only a few degrees above freezing, and many of you scoff at that idea because it’s unthinkable to you being from more Southern states or tropical countries, but a few degrees above freezing is mild for this time of year. I was reminiscing with my mother today about how much snow we used to have when I was a child, especially on Christmas vacation. There were truckloads of [ ... ]

Eco-Friendly Travel in Switzerland – An Environmentally Friendly Country

Did you know that Switzerland is one of the most environmentally friendly countries in the world? They are interested in a sustainable Switzerland! That’s important to me, as you all know. Being from Canada, we are so environmentally conscious and have been recycling for decades now, since I was about 6 or 7 years old, as well as other environmental measures. When I travel for vacation, this is also a factor in where we plan to go. Not only do we appreciate being able to have access to organic food to eat, but we enjoy eco-friendly travel and tourism too while we’re away. Switzerland [ ... ]

Global Warming is a Real and Imminent Danger

Alright people… …Let’s be real about things – GLOBAL WARMING is REAL!!! …And the consequences of global warming are REAL!!! Take a look around you and the happenings going on. Use your own common sense instead of listening to every political person that disputes this fact. It’s about money – They don’t want you to know it’s real. Why? Because it would cost businesses umpteen millions of dollars to change business practices to actually reduce emissions and other pollutants that contribute to this serious planetary issue. What’s more important? A wallet-full of money or our precious planet and it’s most precious inhabitants – including [ ... ]

Dark Sky Festival in Harmony, Florida

Have you heard of light pollution? I’ve heard of sound pollution and pollution from garbage and things like that, but not light pollution before today! Why is it considered Pollution? When you live in a city like Dallas, for instance, how many stars do you see at night? NOT MANY at all! In fact, I could probably count on 1 or 2 hands how many stars there are. When we’re in Niagara Falls, there are a few more… But when we’re “up north” in Ontario, somewhere like Port Franks, it seems like the sky is within arm’s reach! The stars are countless, they twinkle and the [ ... ]

Unbelievable Video of Our Planet & Wildlife

I was stumbled this video today and was flabbergasted at the sheer beauty, power and uniqueness our planet holds! It is a long video, but so very worth it! I didn’t have a chance to see this from the BBC when it was on the television… So, check it out here and really enjoy it! The Dark Side of Planet Earth from mrcorbtt on Vimeo The BBC always does such

Improve the Environment & Reduce Your Waste Using This Service

Okay, I found the coolest “new”, free service online today! It’s called and it is helping communities all over the globe! How? “It’s a grassroots and entirely nonprofit movement of people who are giving (& getting) stuff for free in their own towns. It’s all about reuse and keeping good stuff out of landfills.” How cool is that? VERY! If you save are working to save the planet, you’re working to save animals, their habitat and the pollution that kills them! Basically, almost anything, whether big or small, that you want to get rid of that is “lightly used” or unused, that you [ ... ]

Red Tide Algae Kills Marine Animals on St. Lawrence Seaway System

Exotic Animal Newsflash: I watched on TV tonight that the deadly “Red Tide” algae is toxic and killing animals of all sorts in the St. Lawrence River system in Canada. Belugas, birds, porpoises, fish, mollusks…you name it, it’s affected. It moves up the food chain, and in the case of whales, like belugas, they feel it affects their brain and makes them slower and confused, making them more likely to collide with boats. The red tide algae are common in this area, but usually wash away by this point of the year, whereas this year, it is lingering too long! Why? Well, it is believed that [ ... ]

The Endangered Caledonian Forest in Scotland

If you’ve never heard of the Caledonian Forest, it’s time to listen up…LOL… Basically, the Caledonian Forest is like the “Rainforest” of Scotland. It used to cover 1.5 million hectares of the Scottish Highlands, and now, only about 1% of that remains in 35 isolated areas. This is devastating, not only to Scotland and it’s amazing wildlife, but to the world in general. We depend upon trees to survive… The species like beaver, tarpan, wild boar and the lynx are that inhabited these forests are gone. Photo left: Tarpan (wild horse), extinct since 1919 – This is the only known photo of a live [ ... ]

Are You a Responsible Earthling?

So often we take for granted this planet we call Earth. What it provides us, not only in resources, but in beauty and enjoyment. To me, our greatest asset is our bio-diversity of wildlife. One by one, these fantastic animal species are disappearing…extinct…never to be seen again. What a shame! So, what in the world can you do? Well, first of all, conserve your resources, such as energy, water and don’t waste your food. Live organically, not only with the food you consume, but with your cleaning products and the means in which you take care of your property, gardens and grass. Use [ ... ]

Earth Hour Tonight @ 8pm-9pm Local Time – Will You Be There?

Who?: YOU! Everyone around the world What?: When?: March 29, 2008, 8pm your local time Where?: In your own home and/or workplace Why?: To create AWARENESS about energy consumption Hosted By?: World Wildlife Fund *** PLEASE READ THE INFORMATION BELOW BEFORE ASKING WHERE THIS EVENT IS TAKING PLACE. This happens in your home or your workplace at 8pm (your local time) on March 29th WHEREVER YOU ARE IN THE WORLD by simply turning off your lights, your TV, your dishwasher, your heating or a/c. You don’t have to be in Toronto (they won’t let me not put something in that spot) or [ ... ]