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Air Conditioning in Your Car is a Must When Transporting Pets

Seriously…even you don’t want to be in your car when it’s hot and you don’t have air conditioning… …Do you? Well, guess what…Neither does your pet! In fact, they have much more hair than we do – they REALLY don’t want to be that hot. What’s worse is that you may endanger their lives. If it gets too hot for them, they could overheat from heat exhaustion. You see, many animals don’t cool off like we do with sweat, like dogs and cats. They must pant. Some animals like the heat, but if you leave them in intense heat for too long, you could literally [ ... ]

There Are Bats in Dallas

That’s what I said! I’ve been noticing a lot of bats this season in Dallas and to me, that’s a blessing… That’s right! I am so shocked every time I point out a bat to someone in the evening or night time and they nearly panic and run… Bats aren’t the rabid, blood sucking, scary animals horror movies would have you believe they are. In fact, they would love to stay away from you and have nothing to do with you! LOL… They’re your best friends if you’re tired of all the darn mosquitoes biting you at night or during activities in the evening or [ ... ]

Ashes to Gems – Have You Heard of This?

I’m not really sure how I feel about this product/service. If you haven’t heard about this before, as I hadn’t, you must listen… This place I stumbled upon today called, turns just that – ashes to gems. However, they use the cremated remains of your pet or relative to do it. Each set of remains is used to create a man-made diamond (not CZ) from your loved one’s ashes, nails or hair. Basically, they extract the carbon content of the “cremains” and use it in a secret, patented process to create these beautiful stones. It is an expensive service, but the stone is unique and [ ... ]

Swooping Magpies in Australia

I’ve never been so scared of a bird before… In fact, I’ve never been scared of a bird before this! When I lived in Western Australia, I was there to play softball. So, I jogged in the mornings each day. The very first morning I went out through our neighborhood alone, I was shocked to see the amazing wildlife, parrots everywhere covering trees, a kangaroo or two, some kookaburras, some lizards and lots of flies! LOL… …But there were these large birds called magpies, or “maggies” as their nicknamed there. They are large like a big seagulls with pointy beaks, but are black and white [ ... ]

Humpback Dolphins of the Great Barrier Reef

Humpback dolphins frequent the Great Barrier Reef. There are as many as 5 different species of Humpback Dolphin, but it’s often disputed. 2 species were known to exist even as late as mid-2000, the Atlantic Humpback Dolphin and the Indo-Pacific Humpback Dolphin. However, since then studies have shown that these species have diverged into more distinct species. Here’s a short video I found of some humpback dolphins off the coast of South Africa: The humpback dolphin that frequents the Australian waters, including the Great Barrier Reef, is the

The Most Famous Reindeer of All! Rudolph

Just a little glimpse into the life of the most famous reindeer of all! Here’s Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer… Rudolph 2 @ Yahoo! Video Rudolph’s just way too cute!!! Keep your eyes out for him in the Christmas sky leading Santa’s sleigh! A Very Merry Christmas to All! *** I hope you enjoyed this Arctic Animal on Exotic Animal Lover! Until next time… Live Exotically, Kimberly Edwards P.S. This is one of my very favorite Christmas movies of all time! Young or old, you need to see this movie: Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer – DVD Fullscreen Synopsis: Remember when Santa called upon Rudolph to guide his sleigh that foggy [ ... ]

Black, Yellow, Red – Watch Where You Tread

I will never forget the saying my University Professor made us memorize: “Black, yellow, red – Watch where you tread!” If you encounter a snake that is black, yellow and red in color, it could be poisonous or not, but the way to figure it out and quickly is to look at it’s patterning. If the order of the colors goes black, yellow to red, in any direction, then it is certainly a poisonous snake – like a coral snake (photo above). Leave it alone and evacuate the area. If the colors are different such as yellow, black then

Hedgehog Treats Galore!

My hedgehog loves treats! I feed her 2 different staple foods, and then supplement her diet with different fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds. Sometimes, I consider those supplements as treats, but when I really want to treat her, and give her some great nutrition while I’m at it, I give her meal worms and crickets. I know, I know…For many of you, that sounds disgusting, but she LOVES them! Mind you, they are not alive and you don’t have to touch them…just shake a few into the bowl! I don’t keep Kokonut in a closed cage or aquarium, so live crickets are out of the [ ... ]

What Bedding Is Best for Hedgehogs?

As you all may remember, I own an African Pygmy Hedgehog…It’s the 2nd one I’ve owned, in fact. When you are choosing bedding for your little critters, you need to keep a few things in mind: * Comfort * Smell * Dryness * Safety * Price I use corn cob bedding, after trying so many different kinds over the years. I found that cedar and pine shavings start to smell awful quickly! Also, they just hold the water and can harbor mold a lot easier. Plus, I didn’t feel that it was very comfortable to sleep in. Why Do I Use That? * Our hedgehog can move them around easily, [ ... ]

Treats for Your Fish?

This past week, I went into one of our local pet stores and noticed something I had never seen before. I noticed they had thin slices of zucchini in the tanks for the goldfish…I didn’t look at the tropicals. I had to ask…They said they give them a treat in each tank every day. Sometimes thin slices of zucchini, cucumber or oranges. Since then, I’ve been “treating” my goldfish with something tasty every couple days. * Tip: Slice the vegetable as thinly as humanly possible, so that they can actually eat it, and easily. It may be of use to you to use a [ ... ]