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Shark Week is Here on the Discovery Channel

That’s right…For one full week, the Discovery Channel brings to you Shark Week! In fact, it’s the 25th Anniversary of Shark Week…Can you imagine that? Whether you’re in love with great whites, hammerheads, whale sharks, nurse sharks or any other shark in between, you’ll get an eye- and earful of some of the most amazing underwater cinematography ever created to show you exactly what’s going on with these fierce survivors in the deep, blue ocean. Living dinosaurs, sharks are some of the oldest species of animals on the planet. As the top of the food chain in their marine world, sharks rule the oceans [ ... ]

It’s Shark Week on Discovery

(EXOTIC ANIMAL NEWS) – That’s right. Shark Week is Back on the Discovery Channel! These huge fish and greatest predators of the ocean must be respected. Even when researching or viewing these huge creatures in cages underwater, as you will see this video below, can still be a dangerous situation. However, many of them are misunderstood, as you will learn this week. In fact, in the clip above, you will notice, the shark was simply trying to break free from getting trapped atop the shark cage. Being curious animals, it doesn’t surprise that this 18 foot great white shark wanted to check out [ ... ]

Hammerhead Sharks on Shark Week

One of the neatest varieties of shark is the Hammerhead Shark! Why? Well, because it’s head actually looks like a hammer with their head flattened and that extends laterally to make that strange shape. The hammerhead’s eyes and nostrils are at the tips of the hammer extensions. Wow – How neat is that? The largest hammer on a hammerhead shark is the winghead shark. These sharks use their heads to sweep for prey and since all sharks have electroreceptory, hammerheads have an advantage because these pores along their “snout” are more extensive than other sharks. Although they have a “big head”, hammerhead sharks have relatively small [ ... ]

Sand Sharks are Different From Other Sharks – Shark Week

Sand sharks aren’t often spoken of – they’re not the Great White Shark, nor an interesting Hammerhead Shark, but they’re so interesting nonetheless! Why Are Sand Sharks Different? Sand sharks are different because they’re know to come to the surface for gulps of air. Why? Because they actually have a rudimentary swim bladder like other fish do, but very unlike other sharks. Although this is strange, it helps them have exceptional

Surfing With Sharks in Australia

Yup, I did that…It all seems a little surreal today as I think back, but I did it. In fact, if you’re surfing anywhere, you’re likely to be surfing with these heavily teethed fish… I felt very secure where we were – inside a coral reef by Lancelin Island in Western Australia. The friends I was with surfing had been coming to this very beach year in and year out from their youth. I was learning how to boogie-board (sometimes called body boarding) and progressing up to a surfboard. We never saw anything suspicious – in fact, we never even saw dolphins there. We surfed at [ ... ]

Whale Sharks in Australia

What do I know about sharks? Well, I know a little bit about sharks. I’ve swam with them, I’ve seen them, and I’ve surfed with them. Yeah, I know them a little bit! I traveled around Australia back in 1995 for a few months backpacking my way through the center of Aussie, hitting the Northern Territory and going West back down the coast all the way back to Perth, Western Australia. On my journey, I stopped in Exmouth, Western Australia where I had the amazing opportunity to swim with whale sharks out past the reef. A helicopter would relay the coordinates of the whale sharks [ ... ]

My First Shark Sighting – Whitetip Reef Sharks

Well, the day before we went whale shark swimming in Exmouth, Australia, I took a tour where we snorkeled off of the coast of Exmouth’s pure, white sand beaches. I was a little nervous about the sharks and asked the “local girl” that came with us if it was pretty safe. She said that the only sharks you’d see would be white-tipped reef sharks and they don’t bug you unless you provoke them, but that we probably wouldn’t even see any of them where we were. So, I got up the courage to get out there, since I had to be ready [ ... ]

Shark Week Starts Today on Exotic Animal Lover

Exotic Animal News-Flash: If you’re looking for some great Shark shows to watch this week, then check out the Discovery Channel’s Shark Week starting August 2nd! So, in honor of this, will also be hosting a Shark Week! Power-packed shows giving you more information on the oceans’ largest predator – a dinosaur of sorts! These misunderstood animals of the deep will be concentrated on all week on the Discovery Channel and on Exotic Animal Lover! I’ll tell you all about my experiences with Sharks too… Guess what…Sharks are actually

Whitetip Reef Sharks on the Great Barrier Reef

The very first shark I ever saw in the ocean was a Whitetip Reef Shark! Not only that, it was the very first time I had ever snorkeled either…I went under the water for the first dip and there was a shark! It was probably about 5 feet long! Sure…It brought me right back up to the surface and ready to head back to shore, but our guide told me they’re harmless, unless you really mess around with them and bother them, which I was not even about to attempt. This wasn’t on the Great Barrier Reef, but on the Ningaloo Reef on [ ... ]

The Spiny Dogfish – Unique Among Sharks

The Spiny Dogfish is in the shark family, and is distinguished from other sharks in that it has 2 spinal fins and no anal fin, unique to this family of shark. Spiny dogfish can grow to be 3.25 – 5.25 feet long They are counter-shaded, are greyish-brown in coloration and have white spots on their back with 2 spines. Counter-shaded means they are white on the bottom and their darker color on the top. Why are fish often colored this way? Well, it’s an evolutionary survival attribute. How? Good question! If predators are underneath them, what will they see? They’ll see their underbelly that’s white or whitish [ ... ]