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My First Shark Sighting – Whitetip Reef Sharks

Well, the day before we went whale shark swimming in Exmouth, Australia, I took a tour where we snorkeled off of the coast of Exmouth’s pure, white sand beaches. I was a little nervous about the sharks and asked the “local girl” that came with us if it was pretty safe. She said that the only sharks you’d see would be white-tipped reef sharks and they don’t bug you unless you provoke them, but that we probably wouldn’t even see any of them where we were. So, I got up the courage to get out there, since I had to be ready [ ... ]

Shark Week Starts Today on Exotic Animal Lover

Exotic Animal News-Flash: If you’re looking for some great Shark shows to watch this week, then check out the Discovery Channel’s Shark Week starting August 2nd! So, in honor of this, will also be hosting a Shark Week! Power-packed shows giving you more information on the oceans’ largest predator – a dinosaur of sorts! These misunderstood animals of the deep will be concentrated on all week on the Discovery Channel and on Exotic Animal Lover! I’ll tell you all about my experiences with Sharks too… Guess what…Sharks are actually

Global Warming is a Real and Imminent Danger

Alright people… …Let’s be real about things – GLOBAL WARMING is REAL!!! …And the consequences of global warming are REAL!!! Take a look around you and the happenings going on. Use your own common sense instead of listening to every political person that disputes this fact. It’s about money – They don’t want you to know it’s real. Why? Because it would cost businesses umpteen millions of dollars to change business practices to actually reduce emissions and other pollutants that contribute to this serious planetary issue. What’s more important? A wallet-full of money or our precious planet and it’s most precious inhabitants – including [ ... ]

Decorator Crabs Know All About Local Style

Wow…I just watched a show on Animal Planet this week with Jeff Corwin where he showed us a decorator crab. I had never heard of a Decorator Crab before this week. What they do is grab materials from their surroundings to camouflage themselves. So, they’ll attach seaweed, algae, plants, sponges, etc to the

Basking Shark Mystery Migration Solved

Exotic Animal Newsflash: Scientists have finally discovered where the heck those basking sharks go during the winter months. Previously thought to be a cold water fish, this shark will migrate from New England in the Western Atlantic all the way down to the Bahamas! They even recorded one of the sharks they tracked hanging out for 1 month at the mouth of the Amazon River. Animals are just full of surprises, arent’ they? What was most intriguing about basking sharks is that no one has ever seen a baby or a pregnant female or a basking shark giving birth. They measure up to 35 m long [ ... ]

Manta Roller Coaster Opens May 22 at SeaWorld

Not only can you check out all the cool ocean animals when you visit SeaWorld in Orlando, Florida… …but you can go on all the adventure rides too. The Manta is a roller coaster that opens on May 22nd, 2009! Now, I don’t know about you, but I LOVE roller coasters and adventure rides… Not only is this a roller coaster, but it’s an exhibit in it’s own right! All the while you’re waiting in line, you get to see marvelous manta rays, a giant octopus, sea dragons, seahorses and other exotic fish. There are 10 uniquely configured aquariums around and above you! There will [ ... ]

A Box Jellyfish for a Pet?

My hubby and I watched the movie Seven Pounds with Will Smith a few nights ago, which was fabulous, I might add! In the movie, the main character has a box jellyfish as an exotic pet in a large cylindrical tank! What an amazing creature, which just happens to have the most deadly venom in the animal kingdom! In fact, there have been 5,568 human fatalities due to the box jellyfish recorded since 1954. Extreme care and caution needs to be taken when caring for a pet of this danger level. Also, you cannot store the jellyfish with any other creature in the tank, as [ ... ]

How to Vacation in Hawaii – Exotically!

I have always wanted to take a trip to Hawaii… As you know, my passion is wild animals and guess what it is I want to do when I’m on vacation in Hawaii… See as much wildlife as I can! That’s what brings me joy! Hawaii is the home of the spinner and bottleneck dolphins, as well as migrating Alaskan humpback whales, monk seals, and Hawaiian green sea turtles, just to name a few. In the bird realm, the Albatross likes to nest in Hawaii, so there are Albatross chicks that get to first learn things about the world on the islands. Of course, I [ ... ]

Fantastic Dolphin Bubbles

This is really amazing… Have you seen dolphins that blow bubbles and play with them? Really a fascinating behavior I haven’t seen other marine animals ever partake in. Check it out in this video: Aren’t Dolphin Bubbles fabulous? They are so smart and too sweet! They look like they’re having a great time swimming around with their bubble rings. I thought it was so funny that they wouldn’t let the other dolphins play with the bubbles they had made…They will pop them before this happens. I’m amazed how they spin them and swim around making them different sizes too. I’d love to see this in person at [ ... ]

Outraged at Ignorant People Who Are Blind to See the Destruction

I have a rant today… The Reason? I joined a group on Facebook today called “Stop the Massacre of Dolphins & Whales”. If you go there, you’ll see a photo of a whale, bloodied, being pulled out of the ocean, upside down up to a large ship (shown here to the right). You’ll also see a great write-up about the massacre. It’s disturbing because we really don’t need to harvest them for anything!!! I left a comment on the group page, @ 1:41 pm today, that said: “This is so very horrendous to have to look at…even more horrendous that it is actually happening… It’s not a [ ... ]