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How to Vacation in Hawaii – Exotically!

I have always wanted to take a trip to Hawaii… As you know, my passion is wild animals and guess what it is I want to do when I’m on vacation in Hawaii… See as much wildlife as I can! That’s what brings me joy! Hawaii is the home of the spinner and bottleneck dolphins, as well as migrating Alaskan humpback whales, monk seals, and Hawaiian green sea turtles, just to name a few. In the bird realm, the Albatross likes to nest in Hawaii, so there are Albatross chicks that get to first learn things about the world on the islands. Of course, I [ ... ]

Roseate Terns of the Great Barrier Reef Islands

The Great Barrier Reef boasts 215 species of birds, including 22 species of seabirds, and shorebirds numbering 32 species. The Roseate Tern is considered a seabird plentiful on the Islands of the Great Barrier Reef, especially Lady Elliot Island. Instead of nesting in nests in trees, they make a hollow under dense vegetation to roost. They make good use of the ocean, however, by diving in to grab fish out of the water, and does not prefer fresh water for feeding. They may bathe in fresh water lagoons inland. Roseate terns don’t mind stealing fish from other seabirds, which is atypical for sterns, and [ ... ]