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Exotic Pet Diets Make for Exotic Pet Messes in the House

There are people out there who may not realize as an exotic pet owner, your typical problems & issues can be amplified. Exotic pet owners, in fact, have a vast array of issues you may not imagine attached to the usual concerns of dog & cat owners. Some animals may be prey to other animals. I had to watch my hedgehog, and keep a look out for eagles, owls and the like, when I brought her outside. Before your very eyes, your loved pet could be an organic snack for some wildlife out there. Some exotics have the most varied diets which include [ ... ]

Bed Bug Prevention in NYC

Everyone needs to wash their laundry. That’s right! Even if you don’t do your own laundry, it has to be done, doesn’t it? Sometimes, if you’re busy or don’t have the facilities where you live, you will be in search of a laundry and dry cleaning service. As well, if you are simply staying in a city where you’re working, you may be at a hotel, and could use some assistance with washing your clothing. A huge concern over recent years when traveling, or even at home for that matter, is the issue of bed bugs becoming a rampant pest of sorts in homes. NYC [ ... ]

Helping Cat Lovers Love Cats More – Cat Litter Box Solutions

Cat lovers are rampant out there… What’s not to love, right? A beautiful, sassy animal that’s loving, fluffy and classy all at the same time… That’s a cat for you, and the independence and panache they put out are completely intriguing and endearing simultaneously. However, when you own a cat, whether it be an exotic cat or an “alley cat”, then you’re probably dealing with the same problem every other cat lover struggles with…the cat litter box! Myself, I haven’t had the blessing of a cat in my life for nearly 20 years now, and I’m certain things have changed in the cat box [ ... ]

Looking for Pet Cat Supplies?

If you’re a cat owner, no doubt you are always on the lookout for great pet cat supplies. Right? I know it – If you’re anything like me, I’m constantly checking to see if I can’t find a great deal on pet food, cute clothes, games that involve my pets or treats! What I did find for you cat lovers out there is the neatest cat furniture at in their pet cat supplies section. Check out one of their adorable beds (left)…too cute – and you could hide some of their toys in the drawer below or treats… What I didn’t expect to [ ... ]

Spirulina in Fish Food for Colored Fish

When you read the ingredients on the back of food packages, it’s often we all get “lost”…to say the least. Well, multiply that by 10 when you’re talking about pet food…pets eat things we don’t… So, how often do you actually look on the back of your turtle food container and question the ingredients…Not often, I suspect. Same goes for gerbil food or bird food. Well, I have information on one ingredient in some fish foods you might want to include in their diet. If you have fish that aren’t white (and supposed to be white), then Spirulina is a great supplement in some fish [ ... ]

Manta Roller Coaster Opens May 22 at SeaWorld

Not only can you check out all the cool ocean animals when you visit SeaWorld in Orlando, Florida… …but you can go on all the adventure rides too. The Manta is a roller coaster that opens on May 22nd, 2009! Now, I don’t know about you, but I LOVE roller coasters and adventure rides… Not only is this a roller coaster, but it’s an exhibit in it’s own right! All the while you’re waiting in line, you get to see marvelous manta rays, a giant octopus, sea dragons, seahorses and other exotic fish. There are 10 uniquely configured aquariums around and above you! There will [ ... ] – A Full Service Online Pet Store

If your pet has paws, fins, hooves, feathers or lives in a pond, North Coast Pets has your products! Looking for brand name grooming supplies? Here’s your answer as they carry such names as Furminator, Kim Laube or Metro Dryer. How about nutritional supplements from Animal Naturals or dehydrated raw foods from Honest Kitchen? That’s a big checkmark! Yes, they have that too! They’ve got equine and large animal supplies for horses and the like. Got an aquarium or a pond? No problem…They’ve got your filters, chemicals, cleaning products, filters, lighting systems, heaters and accessories… …It seems every time I go to a pet store, [ ... ]

Ashes to Gems – Have You Heard of This?

I’m not really sure how I feel about this product/service. If you haven’t heard about this before, as I hadn’t, you must listen… This place I stumbled upon today called, turns just that – ashes to gems. However, they use the cremated remains of your pet or relative to do it. Each set of remains is used to create a man-made diamond (not CZ) from your loved one’s ashes, nails or hair. Basically, they extract the carbon content of the “cremains” and use it in a secret, patented process to create these beautiful stones. It is an expensive service, but the stone is unique and [ ... ]

This is Why I Want to Save Exotic Animals!

I was looking at some of our photos we have taken of animals over the years yesterday, and it hit me… …I wanted to cry that these animals may not be here when my children go to see them on their adventures… …They may never get to see them in their wildest state – in nature! For many of you who have been an fan for some time, you’ll remember this photo, as it was the photo used in the header for the last theme we used for the site. This is actually one of our own photos…but it sparked me… “This is Why [ ... ]

An Animal Lover Christmas

You always know the animal lovers at Christmas time when they show you their gifts… Half of the gifts were for their animals…LOL With us, that’s the truth, no exception to that rule, and we LOVE IT! If you think about people’s hobbies and get them a great gift for that…it’s just that…A GREAT GIFT! Now, our pets are so much more than a hobby…They are a lifestyle, so to speak… They are our life and they are a part of our family just like any person is.  They are important and an ever present joy! So, as you can guess we received presents that included [ ... ]