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Cougar in Niagara Falls, Canada

A few months ago, I was coming home on a country road that leads to the suburbs in Niagara Falls. It was about 3:00am, pretty cold, and what do I see? A mountain lion (also called cougars or pumas) that had just crossed the road in front of me. It was on the left side of the road on the shoulder going into the brush. I happened to be on the phone with a friend and told them what was going on. The big cat just looked over it’s shoulder at me as I drove past it slowly. It was definitely a [ ... ]

A Personal Look at Global Warming in Ontario, Canada

Today is January 12th, 2012. I live in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, and was thinking about how mild and more pleasant our weather is than usual in Januaries of the past. Yes, it is only a few degrees above freezing, and many of you scoff at that idea because it’s unthinkable to you being from more Southern states or tropical countries, but a few degrees above freezing is mild for this time of year. I was reminiscing with my mother today about how much snow we used to have when I was a child, especially on Christmas vacation. There were truckloads of [ ... ]

It’s Shark Week on Discovery

(EXOTIC ANIMAL NEWS) – That’s right. Shark Week is Back on the Discovery Channel! These huge fish and greatest predators of the ocean must be respected. Even when researching or viewing these huge creatures in cages underwater, as you will see this video below, can still be a dangerous situation. However, many of them are misunderstood, as you will learn this week. In fact, in the clip above, you will notice, the shark was simply trying to break free from getting trapped atop the shark cage. Being curious animals, it doesn’t surprise that this 18 foot great white shark wanted to check out [ ... ]

Congress Lifts Protection of Gray Wolf, Seen as Precedent?

USA (EXOTIC ANIMAL NEWS) – Sad news comes to the animal lovers out there, who are concerned about the world’s populations of endangered animals. 66 wolves were initially re-introduced to the Northern Rocky Mountains from Canada back in the middle of the 1990s. Today, there are approximately 1650 in the population. The issue is that the White House is ready to accept a budgetary bill including an unprecedented lifting of the Endangered Species Act protections for gray wolves in five US Western states, which has been a law in effect for 37 years, and it being the 1st time Congress has approached [ ... ]

A Few More Days to Participate in Adopt-a-Rescued-Guinea Pig Month

Exotic Animal News: The month of March is Adopt-a-Rescued-Guinea-Pig Month. As often as possible, it’s important we scoop up the pets that need homes from rescues. Not everyone has the ability or patience to work with a “damaged” pet to rehabilitate it or bring it out of it’s shell, but in the instances where a person can do so, most animal enthusiasts will agree to encourage this person. I, myself, haven’t seen a guinea pig rescues out there, but that would be because I haven’t actually searched for one, but when I searched today on Google, there were 226,000 results for “guinea pig [ ... ]

March is Dolphin Awareness Month

Exotic Animal Newsflash: The month of March is a month to celebrate and raise awareness of dolphins globally. They are extremely intelligent creatures with bubbly personalities. They are mammals, and are closely related to, but are not themselves, whales or porpoises. There are so many species of dolphin in our oceans that they are too numerous to name here, but there are a few that I will mention that are commonly misnamed as whales, but are actually dolphins in their own right. These include the “killer whales” (or orca), pilot whales, and the melon-headed whale. Very interesting indeed. So varied and marvelous they are, there is [ ... ]

Watch Founder – Kimberly Edwards – LIVE Interview NOW!

Exotic Animal Newsflash: Watch Kimberly’s LIVE Interview right NOW with Patrick Harb! * Founder of, & Kapow Models, and international model, Kimberly Edwards will have an exclusive 1 hour LIVE interview with Patrick Harb on February 4th @ 7:00 – 8:00 pm EST. If you like to be WITH US in the studio, give us a call at: 905-617-3365 If you have QUESTIONS that you would like to ask during the interview, you can place your questions in the DISCUSSION BOARD, and they will answer it accordingly. I will be discussing so many aspects of what’s going on in my [ ... ]

Polar Bears Have Black Skin

I was watching a show on Animal Planet the other day and they had to do a hysterectomy on a polar bear. The intriguing thing about the surgery was that when they shaved her fur to prepare her, her skin was completely black. This makes complete sense and is an amazing adaptation for these bears. Why? Because their black skin absorbs heat from the sun. Their fur isn’t actually white…it’s clear – this allows the sunlight to penetrate their thick coats and allow their black skin to absorb this heat! Huh! Who knew? Nature is such a marvelously designed thing! There is a reason for every [ ... ]

Happy New Year 2011 from Exotic Animal Lover

Exotic Animal Newsflash: We would like to wish you a very Happy New Year from Exotic Animal Lover! Here’s some exciting things going on: More videos will be coming this year! Have you checked out the designs from “K, Turn Around” Jewelry of animals in our Exotic Animal Lover Store? Hopefully, Kimberly will be able to get more traveling in this year. That means more cool stories, photos & videos of indigenous Looking for exotic animal experts to write on – If you’re interested, please email me with your information: To request information about certain animals, feel free to email it or comment on a [ ... ]

Car Donations for Animals

If you are reading this blog and this article, then it is likely you care about animal welfare. As animal advocates, we are always looking for new and great ways to help animals in need. Now, it is possible to donate your car for the cause of helping animals in crisis. You may be wondering how on earth donating your car could help fight against animal cruelty. Your car will be sold at the highest possible price, and the proceeds will go towards medical treatment, investigation and enforcing laws in regards to animal welfare, and assist in caring for countless animals across the [ ... ]