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Furry Arrival of Twin Red Pandas

Exotic Animal Newsflash: Ahhh…My favorite species of animal is the Red Panda… Unfortunately, they are extremely endangered. However, thankfully, there are a number of breeding programs in the world that are doing their best to ensure the survival of this species. Edmonton’s Valley Zoo just had the 2nd arrival of twin baby red pandas! Yeahhh!!! They were born May 26th in captivity, and were named Tai (female) and Pip (male). The babies are no longer with their mother, as she began to groom one of the babies too aggressively, but are in great hands with surrogate, human caretakers. At this point, their eyes are still [ ... ]

Kimberly’s Exotic Animal Refuge

Exotic Animal Newsflash: Neglected Exotic Animal Finds Home: Newest refuge to be built will be home to 100s of needy exotic animals… Check out the entire story Here: Exotic Animal Refuge News *** That’s Right! I am Announcing my Plan to the World! I am developing an Exotic Animal Refuge! This refuge will take in exotic animals that have been neglected, or have outgrown an owner’s desire or ability to keep. Animals in such condition are often unable to be released back into their habitats in the wild, as they have lost many of their basal survival instincts or have tremendous injuries, physical and mental.   Apart from [ ... ]