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What is the Velvet on Animal Antlers For?

If you’ve ever seen a deer, moose or caribou with antlers in person, then you know that they have this fuzzy hair on them when they are growing that looks like velvet. In fact, that’s what “they” call it…velvet. Photo right: Bonnie Harris It’s highly vascular skin that provides the antlers, because of the blood supply, oxygen and essential nutrients they need to grow large and strong. Antlers are used as weapons in the animal world, as well as attracting a mate by showing off their impressive rack of antlers to the ladies. Almost all of these types of animals grows a brand new rack [ ... ]

Ontario Wildlife I Came Across on Vacation

Well, as I said yesterday, I went on vacation “Up North” in Ontario. I was not prepared enough for these random sightings, but I will tell you exactly what I saw. Firstly, where our cottage is, is between a marsh about 2 blocks away and the beach about 1 block away. This provides great chances of sighting interesting animals any time of year. It’s spring time, so the Canada Geese are nesting in pairs…They stopped all traffic on the streets next to the marsh, as they believe it’s their “right of way”…LOL…They even frequent the lawns of the neighbors and just “hang out” [ ... ]

Moose Are Not To Be Messed With!

Moose are a very “Canadian” animal, when I asked my husband to tell me the first winter animal off the top of his head, he said, “Moose”. So…Ok…Here goes… Scientific Classification: Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Mammalia Order: Artiodactyla Family: Cervidae Subfamily: Capreolinae Genus: Alces Species: A. alces Conservation Status: I am ecstatic to announce to you that the Moose is a species of Least Concern. Great job! *** Don’t Mess with a Moose By James Hyde When you’re hiking and happen upon a moose, they can appear laid back and they can even be approached and fed depending on what season it is, but neither is ever a good idea. If [ ... ]

Need To Control The Deer? The Dutch Cue The Wolves Or Wildcats!

Exotic Animal Newsflash: It was reported Wednesday that a Dutch park, west of Amsterdam, has an overabundant population of deer, and it has been proposed by park management to introduce wolves or wildcats to control this problem. There are approximately 1500 deer in this park, and they have caused 13 accidents by jumping over park fences and meandering into urban neighborhoods. If nothing is done, it is believed that this deer population will grow by 30% each year. Other popular options to control this problem include contraception, installing higher fences, and selective hunting schedules. A decision will be reached within the next [ ... ]