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March is Dolphin Awareness Month

Exotic Animal Newsflash: The month of March is a month to celebrate and raise awareness of dolphins globally. They are extremely intelligent creatures with bubbly personalities. They are mammals, and are closely related to, but are not themselves, whales or porpoises. There are so many species of dolphin in our oceans that they are too numerous to name here, but there are a few that I will mention that are commonly misnamed as whales, but are actually dolphins in their own right. These include the “killer whales” (or orca), pilot whales, and the melon-headed whale. Very interesting indeed. So varied and marvelous they are, there is [ ... ]

How to Vacation in Hawaii – Exotically!

I have always wanted to take a trip to Hawaii… As you know, my passion is wild animals and guess what it is I want to do when I’m on vacation in Hawaii… See as much wildlife as I can! That’s what brings me joy! Hawaii is the home of the spinner and bottleneck dolphins, as well as migrating Alaskan humpback whales, monk seals, and Hawaiian green sea turtles, just to name a few. In the bird realm, the Albatross likes to nest in Hawaii, so there are Albatross chicks that get to first learn things about the world on the islands. Of course, I [ ... ]

Fantastic Dolphin Bubbles

This is really amazing… Have you seen dolphins that blow bubbles and play with them? Really a fascinating behavior I haven’t seen other marine animals ever partake in. Check it out in this video: Aren’t Dolphin Bubbles fabulous? They are so smart and too sweet! They look like they’re having a great time swimming around with their bubble rings. I thought it was so funny that they wouldn’t let the other dolphins play with the bubbles they had made…They will pop them before this happens. I’m amazed how they spin them and swim around making them different sizes too. I’d love to see this in person at [ ... ]

Outraged at Ignorant People Who Are Blind to See the Destruction

I have a rant today… The Reason? I joined a group on Facebook today called “Stop the Massacre of Dolphins & Whales”. If you go there, you’ll see a photo of a whale, bloodied, being pulled out of the ocean, upside down up to a large ship (shown here to the right). You’ll also see a great write-up about the massacre. It’s disturbing because we really don’t need to harvest them for anything!!! I left a comment on the group page, @ 1:41 pm today, that said: “This is so very horrendous to have to look at…even more horrendous that it is actually happening… It’s not a [ ... ]

Humpback Dolphins of the Great Barrier Reef

Humpback dolphins frequent the Great Barrier Reef. There are as many as 5 different species of Humpback Dolphin, but it’s often disputed. 2 species were known to exist even as late as mid-2000, the Atlantic Humpback Dolphin and the Indo-Pacific Humpback Dolphin. However, since then studies have shown that these species have diverged into more distinct species. Here’s a short video I found of some humpback dolphins off the coast of South Africa: The humpback dolphin that frequents the Australian waters, including the Great Barrier Reef, is the