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The Cicada are Singing

I love the time of year, in the summer in North America, where the cicada sing! What? That’s what I said!!! Most people think those cicadan noises are annoying, irritating and they complain and fuss… …but I think it’s beautiful! It means summer is here – and to me, that’s so much better than winter being from Canada!!! Honesty, I think the more we appreciate the world around us, the happier and more at peace we are… Who knows…Maybe you’ll be able to easily fall asleep when you admire their song at night, instead of getting all uptight! Next time, just

Decorator Crabs Know All About Local Style

Wow…I just watched a show on Animal Planet this week with Jeff Corwin where he showed us a decorator crab. I had never heard of a Decorator Crab before this week. What they do is grab materials from their surroundings to camouflage themselves. So, they’ll attach seaweed, algae, plants, sponges, etc to the

A Box Jellyfish for a Pet?

My hubby and I watched the movie Seven Pounds with Will Smith a few nights ago, which was fabulous, I might add! In the movie, the main character has a box jellyfish as an exotic pet in a large cylindrical tank! What an amazing creature, which just happens to have the most deadly venom in the animal kingdom! In fact, there have been 5,568 human fatalities due to the box jellyfish recorded since 1954. Extreme care and caution needs to be taken when caring for a pet of this danger level. Also, you cannot store the jellyfish with any other creature in the tank, as [ ... ]

Sunrise At Shell Beach In Western Australia – A Memory Never To Forget

I was looking through my photos from my stint that I lived and traveled in Australia back in 1994-1995. One of my favorite photos is of me on Shell Beach in Western Australia at Sunrise in January of 1995. Shell beach is a 110 km long stretch of beach along the L’Haridon Bight. Shell Beach is 1 of 2 beaches in the world made entirely of shells, up to 10 m deep. The salinity of the water allowed Cardiid Cockles to multiply exponentially as their natural predators did not adapt well to the increased salinity of the water. There is an unbelievable [ ... ]