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What Bat Species are in Texas, USA?

A few years ago, I posted an article about Bats in Dallas. Recently, I’ve received a ton of comments on this post from amazing people out there noticing what I wrote about… …Those erratic “birds” flying at night, which aren’t really birds at all. They are bats! Now, one of the comments asked me what types of species of bats are found in Dallas. Now, although I couldn’t find an exact list of those specific to Dallas, I’ve found a list of bat species that exist in Texas, and more than likely, in Dallas too! In Texas, there are 32 species of bats that [ ... ]

What is the Velvet on Animal Antlers For?

If you’ve ever seen a deer, moose or caribou with antlers in person, then you know that they have this fuzzy hair on them when they are growing that looks like velvet. In fact, that’s what “they” call it…velvet. Photo right: Bonnie Harris It’s highly vascular skin that provides the antlers, because of the blood supply, oxygen and essential nutrients they need to grow large and strong. Antlers are used as weapons in the animal world, as well as attracting a mate by showing off their impressive rack of antlers to the ladies. Almost all of these types of animals grows a brand new rack [ ... ]

March is Dolphin Awareness Month

Exotic Animal Newsflash: The month of March is a month to celebrate and raise awareness of dolphins globally. They are extremely intelligent creatures with bubbly personalities. They are mammals, and are closely related to, but are not themselves, whales or porpoises. There are so many species of dolphin in our oceans that they are too numerous to name here, but there are a few that I will mention that are commonly misnamed as whales, but are actually dolphins in their own right. These include the “killer whales” (or orca), pilot whales, and the melon-headed whale. Very interesting indeed. So varied and marvelous they are, there is [ ... ]

Awesome Gorilla Commercial

What’s better than a commercial with gorillas in it? Not much…LOL… Check this one out: I know…maybe it’s not

There Are Bats in Dallas

That’s what I said! I’ve been noticing a lot of bats this season in Dallas and to me, that’s a blessing… That’s right! I am so shocked every time I point out a bat to someone in the evening or night time and they nearly panic and run… Bats aren’t the rabid, blood sucking, scary animals horror movies would have you believe they are. In fact, they would love to stay away from you and have nothing to do with you! LOL… They’re your best friends if you’re tired of all the darn mosquitoes biting you at night or during activities in the evening or [ ... ]

Please Stand Up To Save Sun Bears!

Have you ever heard about the plight of the sun bear, in particular, but some other species of bear as well? They are put in a cage where they cannot move, their bile is continually drained from their stomachs through a permanent wound for their entire lives. Often, each paw is harvested, while they are still alive, as a bear paw soup is ordered in many Asian restaurants. So, they have the wound in their tummy with their bile being drained, and their paws are cut off one by one as they suffer in their cage that they can’t even move in…Are you [ ... ]

Fantastic Dolphin Bubbles

This is really amazing… Have you seen dolphins that blow bubbles and play with them? Really a fascinating behavior I haven’t seen other marine animals ever partake in. Check it out in this video: Aren’t Dolphin Bubbles fabulous? They are so smart and too sweet! They look like they’re having a great time swimming around with their bubble rings. I thought it was so funny that they wouldn’t let the other dolphins play with the bubbles they had made…They will pop them before this happens. I’m amazed how they spin them and swim around making them different sizes too. I’d love to see this in person at [ ... ]

A Muskrat in our Yard

Last night, I had let 4 of our pooches outside for their last “outside time” before bed. All of  a sudden, I heard them barking out of control. It wasn’t the usual “far off” bark when they see a cat in another yard… It was of imminent danger and upset! I ran outside to see them encircling this poor little animal behind a flower pot. I quickly scolded them enough to get them into the house. I realize they were just protecting our yard, but I wanted to save this poor, little soul. Isn’t he cute? Well, I believe he’s a muskrat and this photo doesn’t do [ ... ]

Humpback Dolphins of the Great Barrier Reef

Humpback dolphins frequent the Great Barrier Reef. There are as many as 5 different species of Humpback Dolphin, but it’s often disputed. 2 species were known to exist even as late as mid-2000, the Atlantic Humpback Dolphin and the Indo-Pacific Humpback Dolphin. However, since then studies have shown that these species have diverged into more distinct species. Here’s a short video I found of some humpback dolphins off the coast of South Africa: The humpback dolphin that frequents the Australian waters, including the Great Barrier Reef, is the

Killer Whales Spotted in the Gulf of Mexico

I just saw this fabulous video on one of my Stumble Upon friends’ sites, Pensacola Mortgage Solutions, and he posted a video that I have to share with you! This is a video taken from chartered fishing boat out for tuna 60 miles South of Orange Beach, AL from WKRG’s news info: WKRG.com Apparently, there’s been 17