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What Bat Species are in Texas, USA?

A few years ago, I posted an article about Bats in Dallas. Recently, I’ve received a ton of comments on this post from amazing people out there noticing what I wrote about… …Those erratic “birds” flying at night, which aren’t really birds at all. They are bats! Now, one of the comments asked me what types of species of bats are found in Dallas. Now, although I couldn’t find an exact list of those specific to Dallas, I’ve found a list of bat species that exist in Texas, and more than likely, in Dallas too! In Texas, there are 32 species of bats that [ ... ]

Mock Chameleons in Texas

I have a little lizard friend that comes by my window and walks along the fence running the length of our home in Dallas. He’s a cute little guy – maybe 10 cm from nose to the end of his tail and is a khaki color. When he sees me looking through the window, he starts showing off by forcing this rounded fan-like piece of skin out from his throat area. It turns a beautiful bright, ruby red color surrounded by sunshine yellow. Now, I think he’s showing off to me. He’ll bob his head then thrust his beautiful fan out, walk a [ ... ]

There Are Bats in Dallas

That’s what I said! I’ve been noticing a lot of bats this season in Dallas and to me, that’s a blessing… That’s right! I am so shocked every time I point out a bat to someone in the evening or night time and they nearly panic and run… Bats aren’t the rabid, blood sucking, scary animals horror movies would have you believe they are. In fact, they would love to stay away from you and have nothing to do with you! LOL… They’re your best friends if you’re tired of all the darn mosquitoes biting you at night or during activities in the evening or [ ... ]

Basking Shark Mystery Migration Solved

Exotic Animal Newsflash: Scientists have finally discovered where the heck those basking sharks go during the winter months. Previously thought to be a cold water fish, this shark will migrate from New England in the Western Atlantic all the way down to the Bahamas! They even recorded one of the sharks they tracked hanging out for 1 month at the mouth of the Amazon River. Animals are just full of surprises, arent’ they? What was most intriguing about basking sharks is that no one has ever seen a baby or a pregnant female or a basking shark giving birth. They measure up to 35 m long [ ... ]

Black Birds in Dallas – What’s That About?

If you live in Dallas, you’ll know exactly what I mean… They’re everywhere!!! There are many different visible species of these “black birds”…In fact one of them has a chocolate hugh; there are some with a blue hugh – some are larger, some are smaller… Now, they’re not crows and they’re not the black birds I remember from Canada… So What? Well, I want to strongly caution you to ever park under a tree in a parking lot – that space is empty for a reason. There can be upwards of 100 of these very loud birds per tree, and you’ll see them lined up on [ ... ]

Owls in Dallas

We were out at Yucatan’s Sand Volleyball on Monday night in Dallas and it was really cold out… I was just watching them play, and in between plays I would look off into the trees in the distance, or see if I could spot a bunny or two running around behind the back courts. After seeing a few bats I noticed a very large bird flying… It was certainly an owl – a large owl at that – and such graceful flight! I have no idea what kind of owl it was as it was in the distance, but I watching it fly for [ ... ]

How to Vacation in Hawaii – Exotically!

I have always wanted to take a trip to Hawaii… As you know, my passion is wild animals and guess what it is I want to do when I’m on vacation in Hawaii… See as much wildlife as I can! That’s what brings me joy! Hawaii is the home of the spinner and bottleneck dolphins, as well as migrating Alaskan humpback whales, monk seals, and Hawaiian green sea turtles, just to name a few. In the bird realm, the Albatross likes to nest in Hawaii, so there are Albatross chicks that get to first learn things about the world on the islands. Of course, I [ ... ]

The Best Vacations are Free – Check out Kissimmee Wildlife

When I travel, you know what I want to see, don’t you? I want to see the local fauna – The animals that make that part of the world special!!! So, of course, when my hubby and I went to Kissimmee – Orlando for our honeymoon, that’s a good part of what we did! We paid for some of the “nature” activities we did – like airboating to see alligators on the lake, parasailing to see the lake and surrounding area, and horseback riding the trails, where we saw a bunch of local animals, including our first Florida gator on our trip right [ ... ]

Harpy Eagle Near Threatened

Scientific Classification: Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Aves Order: Falconiformes or Accipitriformes Family: Accipitridae Genus: Harpia Species: H. harpyja The Harpy Eagle is a carnivorous raptor. In fact, it’s the largest and most powerful one found in the Americas. This eagle particular inhabits tropical lowland forests, where it stays in the upper canopy, presumably for a better viewpoint for prey. Males and females having the same coloration, they are slate black on the back and back of wings, and white underneath including their bellies. Their head is a pale gray color. Although the same in color, males are almost half the size of the female. They boast talons up to 5 inches long [ ... ]

Happy Canada Day to all of my Exotic Animal Lovers!

To All of My Fellow Canadians: Have a Safe and Super Canada Day! Just wanted to keep those Canadian animals in the forefront of your mind today too…Check them out by clicking on that link! I hope everyone will get to enjoy some R&R and the Fireworks tonight! Maybe some of you have hit up your local carnivals…If you’re from my area, you’ll no doubt be in Port Dalhousie tonight! Either way…Have fun!!! *** Did you know that Canada Day was originally named Dominion Day? I bet you didn’t…LOL… I hope you enjoyed this Canadian Animal post from Exotic Animal Lover! Until next time… Live Exotically, Kimberly Edwards [ ... ]