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Baltimore Orioles Smiling on Niagara Region

Animal News Flash, Ontario (CANADA): Maybe you have seen a Baltimore Oriole in the Niagara Region of Ontario, Canada… …It is more likely you have not seen one, as they are a more rare species of bird to see nowadays, unlike when I was a youngster growing up here, for many probable reasons. However, this bird is not considered to be endangered or threatened. A talented photography friend of mine, Bonnie Harris, captured this marvelously vivid shot of a Baltimore Oriole right here in Southern Ontario, and I wanted to share this beautiful picture with you. Of course, you may have gathered that the [ ... ]

Sad Day for an Owl in Dallas

We play sand volleyball every weekend in Dallas, and often go to Yucatan in Coppell, Texas, but went across the street to Lone Star on Saturday. They were having a collegiate sand volleyball tournament, so we set up our games on a back court. They have some nets on the sides where the fences are to keep the volleyballs in, so they don’t go into the industrial stuff next to it – it’s got dense bush and a stream, I think…You’d never get your $50 volleyball back! What was sad to me was that there was a large owl that apparently got stuck [ ... ]