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Shark Week is Here on the Discovery Channel

That’s right…For one full week, the Discovery Channel brings to you Shark Week! In fact, it’s the 25th Anniversary of Shark Week…Can you imagine that? Whether you’re in love with great whites, hammerheads, whale sharks, nurse sharks or any other shark in between, you’ll get an eye- and earful of some of the most amazing underwater cinematography ever created to show you exactly what’s going on with these fierce survivors in the deep, blue ocean. Living dinosaurs, sharks are some of the oldest species of animals on the planet. As the top of the food chain in their marine world, sharks rule the oceans [ ... ]

Hammerhead Sharks on Shark Week

One of the neatest varieties of shark is the Hammerhead Shark! Why? Well, because it’s head actually looks like a hammer with their head flattened and that extends laterally to make that strange shape. The hammerhead’s eyes and nostrils are at the tips of the hammer extensions. Wow – How neat is that? The largest hammer on a hammerhead shark is the winghead shark. These sharks use their heads to sweep for prey and since all sharks have electroreceptory, hammerheads have an advantage because these pores along their “snout” are more extensive than other sharks. Although they have a “big head”, hammerhead sharks have relatively small [ ... ]

Sand Sharks are Different From Other Sharks – Shark Week

Sand sharks aren’t often spoken of – they’re not the Great White Shark, nor an interesting Hammerhead Shark, but they’re so interesting nonetheless! Why Are Sand Sharks Different? Sand sharks are different because they’re know to come to the surface for gulps of air. Why? Because they actually have a rudimentary swim bladder like other fish do, but very unlike other sharks. Although this is strange, it helps them have exceptional

Surfing With Sharks in Australia

Yup, I did that…It all seems a little surreal today as I think back, but I did it. In fact, if you’re surfing anywhere, you’re likely to be surfing with these heavily teethed fish… I felt very secure where we were – inside a coral reef by Lancelin Island in Western Australia. The friends I was with surfing had been coming to this very beach year in and year out from their youth. I was learning how to boogie-board (sometimes called body boarding) and progressing up to a surfboard. We never saw anything suspicious – in fact, we never even saw dolphins there. We surfed at [ ... ]

Shark Week Starts Today on Exotic Animal Lover

Exotic Animal News-Flash: If you’re looking for some great Shark shows to watch this week, then check out the Discovery Channel’s Shark Week starting August 2nd! So, in honor of this, ExoticAnimalLover.com will also be hosting a Shark Week! Power-packed shows giving you more information on the oceans’ largest predator – a dinosaur of sorts! These misunderstood animals of the deep will be concentrated on all week on the Discovery Channel and on Exotic Animal Lover! I’ll tell you all about my experiences with Sharks too… Guess what…Sharks are actually

Basking Shark Mystery Migration Solved

Exotic Animal Newsflash: Scientists have finally discovered where the heck those basking sharks go during the winter months. Previously thought to be a cold water fish, this shark will migrate from New England in the Western Atlantic all the way down to the Bahamas! They even recorded one of the sharks they tracked hanging out for 1 month at the mouth of the Amazon River. Animals are just full of surprises, arent’ they? What was most intriguing about basking sharks is that no one has ever seen a baby or a pregnant female or a basking shark giving birth. They measure up to 35 m long [ ... ]

Fantastic Dolphin Bubbles

This is really amazing… Have you seen dolphins that blow bubbles and play with them? Really a fascinating behavior I haven’t seen other marine animals ever partake in. Check it out in this video: Aren’t Dolphin Bubbles fabulous? They are so smart and too sweet! They look like they’re having a great time swimming around with their bubble rings. I thought it was so funny that they wouldn’t let the other dolphins play with the bubbles they had made…They will pop them before this happens. I’m amazed how they spin them and swim around making them different sizes too. I’d love to see this in person at [ ... ]

Potato Cod on the Great Barrier Reef

As you saw in the last post’s video, there were some really amazing cod fish shown. So, I figured I would show you a little bit more about them. As you could guess, they are regular inhabitants of the Great Barrier Reef. They can actually reach a length of 2 meters – that’s about as big as a reef shark, but it’s so much heavier and more bulky too! Wasn’t that awesome? I would love to do this one day…They are real gentle

Octopi of the Great Barrier Reef

The Octopus is known to be the most intelligent invertebrate in the world. They have 8 legs and no internal or external skeleton! (Isn’t that just the best octopus poster you’ve ever seen?) They are truly amazing creatures that can change color, shape and texture in an instant. Octopi (plural) have the ability to camouflage themselves in any environment. They are able to fit into tiny areas. In fact, large octopi can fit into a quarter-sized tunnel or hole. Unbelievable! Check out this fabulous video taken on the Great Barrier Reef of the octopus’ marvelous adaptations: They have a super short lifespan of 2-3 yrs. I’ve been [ ... ]

Humpback Dolphins of the Great Barrier Reef

Humpback dolphins frequent the Great Barrier Reef. There are as many as 5 different species of Humpback Dolphin, but it’s often disputed. 2 species were known to exist even as late as mid-2000, the Atlantic Humpback Dolphin and the Indo-Pacific Humpback Dolphin. However, since then studies have shown that these species have diverged into more distinct species. Here’s a short video I found of some humpback dolphins off the coast of South Africa: The humpback dolphin that frequents the Australian waters, including the Great Barrier Reef, is the