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Spring has Sprung in Southern Ontario

Well, fingers crossed, but we have had the most beautiful weather here in Southern Ontario for the past 3 days. The sun is out, the weather is mild, the birds have returned, trees & bushes are budding, and Daylight Savings Time has kicked in. Everyone seems to have a “spring” in their step, shedding their coats & huge sweaters to dawn some t-shirts, tank tops and some have even ventured to get out their shorts! What’s most beautiful is the return of the wild animals we have, or at least being able to see them. The bunnies are our during the night [ ... ]

Ontario Wildlife I Came Across on Vacation

Well, as I said yesterday, I went on vacation “Up North” in Ontario. I was not prepared enough for these random sightings, but I will tell you exactly what I saw. Firstly, where our cottage is, is between a marsh about 2 blocks away and the beach about 1 block away. This provides great chances of sighting interesting animals any time of year. It’s spring time, so the Canada Geese are nesting in pairs…They stopped all traffic on the streets next to the marsh, as they believe it’s their “right of way”…LOL…They even frequent the lawns of the neighbors and just “hang out” [ ... ]