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A Personal Look at Global Warming in Ontario, Canada

Today is January 12th, 2012. I live in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, and was thinking about how mild and more pleasant our weather is than usual in Januaries of the past. Yes, it is only a few degrees above freezing, and many of you scoff at that idea because it’s unthinkable to you being from more Southern states or tropical countries, but a few degrees above freezing is mild for this time of year. I was reminiscing with my mother today about how much snow we used to have when I was a child, especially on Christmas vacation. There were truckloads of [ ... ]

Polar Bears Have Black Skin

I was watching a show on Animal Planet the other day and they had to do a hysterectomy on a polar bear. The intriguing thing about the surgery was that when they shaved her fur to prepare her, her skin was completely black. This makes complete sense and is an amazing adaptation for these bears. Why? Because their black skin absorbs heat from the sun. Their fur isn’t actually white…it’s clear – this allows the sunlight to penetrate their thick coats and allow their black skin to absorb this heat! Huh! Who knew? Nature is such a marvelously designed thing! There is a reason for every [ ... ]

Global Warming is a Real and Imminent Danger

Alright people… …Let’s be real about things – GLOBAL WARMING is REAL!!! …And the consequences of global warming are REAL!!! Take a look around you and the happenings going on. Use your own common sense instead of listening to every political person that disputes this fact. It’s about money – They don’t want you to know it’s real. Why? Because it would cost businesses umpteen millions of dollars to change business practices to actually reduce emissions and other pollutants that contribute to this serious planetary issue. What’s more important? A wallet-full of money or our precious planet and it’s most precious inhabitants – including [ ... ]

A Simple Way To Save Polar Bears? You Decide!

I just read this great article that stirred up a creative idea to try to help save the polar bears… …I think that everyone’s thoughtful idea should be heard and assessed, so… You tell me/comment on what you think of Aldene’s idea! *** . A Simple Way to Save the Polar Bears By Aldene Fredenbuirg “60 Minutes” just aired a repeat of a report they had featured earlier, about global warming and its effect on the arctic polar bear population. Because of the rise in the earth’s temperature all over the world, including the North and South polar regions, ice floes are melting earlier each year. Unfortunately, this [ ... ]