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Want Me to Feature Your Pet?

Even if you don’t have an “exotic” pet, or so you think, every animal is an exotic animal to someone somewhere, and they were all wild prior to our domestication of them. I like to “give back” to my readers and feature your pets… Your exotic pet, dog, cat, bird, fish in their very own post…Their name in lights, so to speak! Simply email me @: exoticpets@exoticanimallover.com Please Include: 1. A small write up about your pet – why you love them, tricks, what they look like, what you feed them, anything you’d like! 2. Attach a photo – if you have one – with expressed [ ... ]

What Bedding Is Best for Hedgehogs?

As you all may remember, I own an African Pygmy Hedgehog…It’s the 2nd one I’ve owned, in fact. When you are choosing bedding for your little critters, you need to keep a few things in mind: * Comfort * Smell * Dryness * Safety * Price I use corn cob bedding, after trying so many different kinds over the years. I found that cedar and pine shavings start to smell awful quickly! Also, they just hold the water and can harbor mold a lot easier. Plus, I didn’t feel that it was very comfortable to sleep in. Why Do I Use That? * Our hedgehog can move them around easily, [ ... ]

Our New Pair of Apricot & Black Oranda Goldfish

We welcome our new pair of oranda. I’ll bet you’ve never heard of apricot oranda before, and I had never seen anything like them before. They were actually labeled orange and black oranda and were in a tank full of them, except these two weren’t the typical orange or “gold” color. They are clearly apricot in color and stood out to me! Of course, loving unique animals, I fell in love right away. I left the pet store and ran a bunch of errands for most of the day, but could not get these two off my mind. So, What Did I Do? I drove right [ ... ]

Piglet Survives Toilet Roll Ordeal As A Stowaway

Exotic Animal Newflash: Did you see the news article about the stowaway piglet, nicknamed Andrex, that survived being stuck in a toilet roll delivery truck in Ilkestone, Derbyshire in the United Kingdom? He is too cute! Check out the article here: Stowaway piglet survives toilet roll ordeal *** Scientific Classification: Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Mammalia Order: Artiodactyla Family: Suidae Genus: Sus . There are 14 species of pig: 1. Sus barbatus 2. Sus bucculentus 3.

Which Amphibian Is Best For You To Adopt?

Amphibians are animals that live in both water and on land. They are ectothermic, previously termed as cold-blooded, meaning that their internal body temperature is regulated by their external environment. Scientific Classification: Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Subphylum: Vertebrata Class: Amphibia Photo above: Green Tree Frog Some of the orders and subclasses of Amphibians are: Order Temnospondyli – extinct Subclass Lepospondyli – extinct Subclass Lissamphibia Order Anura Order Caudata Order Gymnophiona * Neat Fact: Most interesting is the fact that amphibians breath through their skin! *** Tips on Buying an Amphibian for a Pet By Katie Gee So you are in the market for a pet frog, toad or salamander and you are wondering [ ... ]

Exotic Animals: An Introduction To A Blog About The Wonderful Wild Animals Of The World

Thank you for visiting our blog. My name is Kimberly Edwards. This blog will be a multimedia blog, and it will contain video, audio, text, pictures, and all kinds of things pertaining to exotic animals, their lives and our love for them. We are going to have a regular turn of info. Check back often. We look forward to your posts, comments, and interaction. Thank you for visiting our blog. Have a wonderful and blessed day. Live Exotically, Kimberly Edwards 😀 Technorati Tags: exotic animals, wildlife, nature, wild animals, conservation, endangered species, unusual pets, [ ... ]